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Perspectium products empower customers with a single framework to integrate cloud and on-premise applications and databases with the highest throughput and lowest impact on performance. Our technology provides our customers with a unified approach for all data integration and replication needs, simplifying implementation and maintainability. Our ability to gather big data metric in real time enables our customers to have insight on platform performance and key indicators.

Perspectium General Terms and Conditions


Observer is an application that runs both in your ServiceNow instance as well as on the Perspectium Cloud Server to monitor, trend, and alert on metric supplied by a ServiceNow instance in real time.


The Perspectium Dashboard provides a common view into the performance, processing and availability information related to all your Perspectium components across your family of applications and Replicator Agents.

Replicator Agent

Perspectium Replicator Agents connects to the Perspectium Cloud Server to share or subscribe to data. Data can be shared to and subscribed from a variety of sources, including application instances, agents, platforms and providers.

Perspectium Update Set for ServiceNow

Perspectium provides an application that controls and defines how your ServiceNow instance integrates with the Perspectium Cloud Server. This integration is the first step in enabling your ServiceNow instance for Perspectium solutions.

Perspectium Applications for ServiceNow

Perspectium applications for ServiceNow Enteprise and Express instances can be downloaded from the ServiceNow Store. Please contact support for further detail on using a Perspectium application in your instance.

Replicator for Salesforce

Perspectium Replicator for Salesforce provides a native application within Salesforce that interacts with the Perspectium Cloud Service for subscribing to or sharing data. Data can be shared to and subscribed from a variety of sources, including ServiceNow instances and databases such as Oracle.


Perspectium enables Service Integration and Management with a mix of internal and external service providers, allowing on-boarding and off-boarding of service providers rapidly and without disruptions to a customer's business.


Aggregator agents work with Replicator to send alerts from various sources into the Perspectium Cloud using a standardized alert format that can be sent into and used by ServiceNow.


The following services are offered to gather requirements and technical design during a proof-of-value session or ultimately during deployment of a production environment. Please contact support to request engagement of these services once you are ready.

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