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Adjusting Table Map

Table Map is Perspectium's method for producing Common Object Formats from existing table structures. The following sequence demonstrates the role of a Table Map in integrating with a standard Object external to ServiceNow. For example, to generate a “common_incident” from an “Incident” update trigger:

Incident is updated → Dynamic Share → Table Map → = common_incident

Once the Outbound Table Map is configured, it can be assigned to a Dynamic Share by selecting it in the Table Map field on corresponding forms.

For more detail information, please refer to the Table Map wiki.

If you are implementing a Perspectium managed MSP Gateway or Customer Endpoint application, you should already have pre-configured Outbound Table Maps for your supported common object formats. Generally these table maps will be named to indicate the process and MSP gateway. For example, using the above incident to common_incident example, the table will be named “Incident to Common Incident (MSP Gateway)”.

You will not be responsible for creating the Table Maps but able to extend or modify it for customer specific use cases. Note you may see an Inbound Table Map that maps from the common object format to the import set table (such as “Common Incident to PSP Common Incident”) but you do not need to modify this table map as it is used to the support the subscribe feature described in Adjusting Import Sets.

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