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Dynamic Database Port Configuration

Europium Patch 3

For Replicator Agent integrations using MS SQL Server, a configuration option is available to have dynamic database ports. The database_port directive can be nested within each task directive of the agent.xml configuration file for the Replicator Agent. Configuring your Replicator Agent in this way allows you to specify an instance name that will be compatible with dynamic MS SQL Server database ports.

To configure dynamic database ports for your Replicator Agent integration with MS SQL Server, follow these steps:

1. Make sure to stop running your Replicator Agent, if it is already running.

2. Navigate to the directory in which your agent.xml file was saved upon installation of the Replicator Agent.

3. Open the agent.xml file in a text editing application.

4. Within each database_port tag, add \DATABASE_INSTANCE_NAME as this directive's value, where DATABASE_INSTANCE_NAME is the name of your MS SQL Server database instance.Then, save and close the agent.xml file and restart your Replicator Agent. Your <database_port> directive will look like the following example:


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