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 +====== Database Views ======
 +<wrap info>​[[updateset_releases|v3.11.0]]</​wrap>​
 +By default, bulk shares run by querying for records from the selected table in 1000 record increments, with records ordered by sys_id in ascending order. ​ This is done in order to minimize impact on the ServiceNow instance, however in cases where you are sharing [[http://​​index.php?​title=Database_Views|database views]], these records do not have sys_ids and thus cannot be shared in this manner.
 +In <wrap info>​[[updateset_releases|v3.11.0]]</​wrap>,​ database views are shared properly by querying for all records from the view at once. Note that for this option to work properly, you will need to specify the 
 +[[https://​​​sysparm_article=KB0551018|glide.db.max_view_records]] integer system property to a number above the records in your view.  If this property is not set, it defaults to 10,​000. ​ A good number to use is 999999.
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