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Bulk Share Preview


On a bulk share that has yet to be executed, you will see the “Preview” related link option:

When selected, this option will take you to the Bulk Share Preview page to give you a preview of the bulk share before it is executed:

The preview page will display the following information:

  • The number of records that will be shared from the selected table.
  • If “Include attachments” is selected, an estimate on the number of attachment records that will be shared. This will be the combined total of both sys_attachment and sys_attachment_doc records since both tables are required to re-construct attachments when replicating.
  • If “Include journal fields” is selected, an estimate on the number of sys_journal_field records that will be shared.
  • If “Include audit log” is selected, an estimate on the number of sys_audit records that will be shared.
  • A trend chart showing a monthly breakdown of when records were created in the selected table in the last 12 months.

Estimates are based on sampling the 10 latest records from the selected table and seeing how many entries are in the related table (i.e. sys_journal_field, sys_audit, etc.) to calculate an estimated total for all records.

The trend chart requires the Report Charting v2 plugin which is included and enabled by default in all ServiceNow instances running Eureka and newer build versions.


In version v3.25.0 the default sample size was changed from 10 to 50. Please contact for instructions on changing this value.

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