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This page lists the current and past releases of Perspectium SIAM. Contact if you have any questions.

Release Schedule

Date Released Version Change Product(s) Affected
August 23, 2018 Dubnium (4.2.0) enhancement: updated Form View to display fields in the following organized groups: Core Fields, User/Group References, Time/Dates, System Fields, and Other All
fixed: scripts added to Common Transform field maps so User Reference fields map properly All
fixed: all Common Document import set table field lengths match corresponding tables to prevent truncation during mappings All
May 30, 2018 Carbon (4.1.0) fixed: PSP Common Incident import set table's close_notes field length changed from 40 to 4000 to match incident table Common Incident
April 1, 2018 fixed: use gs.generateGUID() to generate new sys_id instead of -1 as instances may save record with -1 sys_id instead of generating new one All
February 8, 2018 Bismuth enhancement: transform map coalesce on sys_id or correlation_id script to bettersupport bi-directional insert and updates All
December 21, 2017 3.29.0 fixed: check for blank email when adding approvers in PerspectiumApprover script include Common Endpoint
fixed: number format exception when adding number fields in PerspectiumRecurringPrice and PerspectiumRequestedItem script includes Common Endpoint
fixed: correct field name, problem_id, called in incident PSP Common Problem to Problem transform script Common Problem
feature: common attachment for large attachments All
fixed: tagging embedded record in PerspectiumIncident script include Common Endpoint
enhancement: coalesce on sys_id in import set transform map All
enhancement: change module name to Perspectium Common Documents Common Endpoint
October 5, 2017 Argon Initial Release All
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