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Common Document Formats

Common document formats are canonical schemas represented in XML that is owned and versioned by Perspectium. This is a document that facilitates a contract between provider and consumer of services and data records.

Our SIAM technology stack utilizes these common document formats to allow mapping between service provider and service consumer in such a way that allows us to certify our integration with the provider's gateway and to allow the customer or service consumer to control the detail mapping on their side.

Common document formats are normally Base64 encoded and set as the value field value of a Perspectium Message.

Common Documents

The currently available common document formats supported are as follows:

Common Incident Format

Common Change Format

Common Problem Format

Common Request Format


The following update sets will be installed to implement common document formats:

  1. Replicator Update Set - This update set contains core Perspectium application functionality
  2. Common Endpoint Update Set - This update set which includes embedded table maps and common script includes that are used by all common document formats. The Common Endpoint update set only needs to be installed once before installing any of the below common document format update sets.
  3. Common Document Format Update Sets - These update sets contain each of the different common document processes. For example, if doing incident management, you will install the Common Incident Update Set. You can install each common document format update set one by one after installing the Replicator and Common Endpoint update sets.

Update sets should be installed in the order listed above to ensure all necessary Perspectium functionality is installed properly into your ServiceNow instance.


Common Document Format release information can be found here. For more information, please contact

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