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 {{:​screen_shot_2017-09-28_at_10.31.13_pm.jpg|}} {{:​screen_shot_2017-09-28_at_10.31.13_pm.jpg|}}
-==== Customer Customization ==== 
-If you are a customer who is installing a common document format update set into your ServiceNow instance, ​ you will want to make a slight change in the import set table'​s transform map in order to properly share records with a MSP gateway ServiceNow instance, ​ 
-  - Open the "PSP Common Problem to Problem"​ table transform map and then go to the "Field Maps" section 
-  - If a field map with "​u_correlation_id"​ as the source field does not exist, create it as follows:​{{:​screen_shot_2017-09-28_at_10.24.03_pm.jpg|}} 
-  - If the u_correlation_id field map does exist, change Coalesce to true 
-  - Change the field map with "​u_number"​ as the source field so Coalesce is false 
-  - Your two field maps for u_correlation_id and u_number should now be as follows:​{{:​correlation_id_number_field_maps.jpg|}} 
-<WRAP center round important 80%> 
-Changing the correlation_id and number transform map field maps is only necessary on the customer ServiceNow instance and not the MSP ServiceNow instance 
-NOTE: The above customization is based on using the record'​s number field as the correlation ID between the customer and provider (i.e. the customer'​s number field will be the correlation ID in the provider instance while the provider'​s number field will be the correlation ID in the customer'​s instance). ​ You can use other fields to correlate instead (such as sys_id) and if you decide to use another field, change both customer and provider table maps and transform maps to use this field where the number field is being used. 
 ==== Sample Output ==== ==== Sample Output ====
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