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Dashboard Home Page


The dashboard home page allows users to customize a landing page with the windows of their choice. Open up the toolbox to start dragging and dropping windows from all perspectives to view them all in one place.

Adding windows

Begin by clicking the “+” button to open up the toolbox.

Then choose a perspective to expand the tree to view the windows' titles.

Choose a window to be displayed on the home page by dragging the desired window from the tree to the home page.

A popup will appear asking which instance you would like to see for the selected window. Select an instance from the drop down list and press the “Select” button to see your selected window added to the home page.

Removing windows

There are two ways to remove a window from the home page. One is to click the “X” in the top right corner of the window. Then confirm your decision.

The other way is by right clicking on a window you wish to remove from the home page.

Select the “Remove” option from the context menu that pops up. Then select “Confirm” from the confirmation window to see the window removed from the home page. The window will not be removed from its own perspective.

Default Windows

In v3.14.0, the home page will have three default windows. These windows are added so the home page does not initially appear blank. They can be removed with the “X” button in the upper right hand corner of each window and as always you can customize the page with windows of your choice using the “+” button at the top of the page.

In v3.23.0, home page will now have two default windows from your replicator instances. If you do not have any replicator instances, dashboard will default to the three windows mentioned above.

Dashboard Tour

Upon visiting the dashboard for the first time, a tour of the dashboard will begin. The dashboard tour provides basic information about the dashboard. Click the “next” or “back” button to navigate the tour. Click the “skip” button or click anywhere outside of the tour's information box to end the tour. The tour will only occur the first time the user visits the dashboard.

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