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Dashboard Known Issues

Date Detected Release(s) Affected Issue Fixed in Release
11/28/2017 [[argonArgon (3.27.0) Pie charts data might not display correctly for Subscribe and Share Argon (3.27.3)
02/12/2017 3.15.0+ Dashboard navigates to the incorrect Observer page when accessed through the Replicator Subscribe/Share pages 3.25.0
01/09/2017 3.17.0 Upon logging out of Dashboard, the user is required to enter login credentials twice 3.18.0
01/11/2017 3.17.0 The server response time data in the availability might not be displayed correctly on Dashboard 3.18.0
12/05/2016 3.14.0+ The Settings icon is not selectable when scrolling near the bottom of the Dashboard page 3.17.0
12/05/2016 3.14.0+ Upon resizing the Dashboard browser, the Dashboard windows do not properly expand back to original size 3.17.0
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