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Dashboard Release Notes

Date Released Release Change
August 23, 2018 Dubnium fixed: Observer, Replicator Share, and Replicator Subscribe's dropdowns are now sorted alphabetically in Dashboard
fixed: Dashboard now works on Internet Explorer 11
fixed: Perspectium logo appears when loading Dashboard on Internet Explorer 11
May 18, 2018 Carbon enhancement: added scrolling to submenus so that they are always visible and don't disappear from the screen
Feb 8, 2018 Bismuth fixed: broken pie charts
December 21, 2017 3.29.0 fixed: dates in the future Download Reports Calendar are accessible
fixed: enlarged logo appears when loading Dashboard
fixed: Report Category removed from Toolbox
fixed: Add Toolbox button does not appear on pages where it serves no functionality
October 25, 2017 3.28.0 feature: range selector for downloading reports
October 5, 2017 Argon feature: tour of the dashboard application
August 11, 2017 3.25.0 enhancement: dashboard to be consistent with Observer's text fields on the bottom of the page
fixed: Dashboard navigates to the incorrect Observer page when accessed through the Replicator Subscribe/Share pages
fixed: newly created users now able to log in
fixed: default windows will now populate the home page if empty.
fixed: change password options no longer fail
July 19, 2017 3.24.0 fixed: default windows will now populate the home page if empty
enhancement: added link to Observer on Dashboard with list of Observer instances
enhancement: dropdown menus in Dashboard are now in alphabetical order
fixed: “Unable to load Users” error when loading settings page
fixed: sign-on error for users with one instance in their family
June 27, 2017 3.23.0 enhancement: added Replicator window as default window to home page
fixed: made menu and refresh page options have the same appearance and animation style
June 5, 2017 3.22.0 enhancement: disabled home page tutorial from loading each time upon login
enhancement: support closing Toolbox on home page when opened
feature: added wiki help link on bottom of Dashboard's homepage
May 11, 2017 3.21.0 fixed: an issue with records and months not showing in correct order
fixed: pie charts are displaying bytes and not records for weekly/monthly
fixed: the button “Go to instance” on each dashboard window now goes to the correct page
fixed: heading displaying incorrectly when in light theme
February 16, 2017 3.18.0 feature: report page to download Replicator data
fixed: gauges now display correctly in Dashboard windows
fixed: the button “Go to instance” on each Dashboard window now goes to the correct page
fixed: missing Perspective from the dropdown menu now appears correctly
January 20, 2017 3.17.0 fixed: windows not resizing properly on expanding browser window
enhancement: Dashboard Settings dropdown stays displayed on the page when scrolling up/down
December 14, 2016 3.16.0 fixed: encoding errors preventing charts from displaying
October 28, 2016 3.15.0 fixed: monthly Subscribe/Share data is now sorted by month and year to prevent chart errors
feature: added a tutorial to the home page
September 30, 2016 3.14.0 enhancement: added default windows to the dashboard home page
September 2, 2016 3.13.0 feature: support a logout option
feature: show which user is logged in
feature: customizable landing page that allows users to create their own home page
August 15, 2016 3.12.0 fixed: authentication no longer repeatedly fails when loading “records by type”
enhancement: record type errors separated by type for Replicator Share and Replicator Subscribe pages
June 17, 2016 3.10.0 feature: support for changing themes
April 22, 2016 3.8.0 feature: support login and changing password
January 5, 2016 3.3.0 enhancement: Dashboard automatically refreshes all windows every five minutes by default
enhancement: button provides automatic refresh options and displays the refresh interval
2016/04/13 23:19 · Paul Nguyen

Dashboard Known Issues

Date Detected Release(s) Affected Issue Fixed in Release
11/28/2017 [[argonArgon (3.27.0) Pie charts data might not display correctly for Subscribe and Share Argon (3.27.3)
02/12/2017 3.15.0+ Dashboard navigates to the incorrect Observer page when accessed through the Replicator Subscribe/Share pages 3.25.0
01/09/2017 3.17.0 Upon logging out of Dashboard, the user is required to enter login credentials twice 3.18.0
01/11/2017 3.17.0 The server response time data in the availability might not be displayed correctly on Dashboard 3.18.0
12/05/2016 3.14.0+ The Settings icon is not selectable when scrolling near the bottom of the Dashboard page 3.17.0
12/05/2016 3.14.0+ Upon resizing the Dashboard browser, the Dashboard windows do not properly expand back to original size 3.17.0
2016/04/13 23:17 · Paul Nguyen

For more information about current and previous Perspectium Dashboard releases or to request an upgrade, e-mail or call 888.620.8880.

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