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User Authentication


Starting in v3.8.0, log-in is required to use Dashboard. When you visit the Dashboard for your family of instances and agents, you will be presented with the login screen:

You will receive your user credentials upon set up. For additional users please contact support.

User Infomation and Logout


The current user is displayed at the bottom of the page. The user can logout from the account by clicking the 'Logout' next to the username.

Dashboard UI Pages

The menu option on the far right allows you to navigate to the different dashboard pages. To change to a different page, click on the menu button to open up the list of pages:

Then select from the following options:

Full Screen

Full screen mode is an offered feature through dashboard. In order to enable this feature, select the icon with the monitor at the top right:

Automatic Refresh

Automatic refresh refreshes the dashboard's windows in a selected interval. To change the refresh interval, first start by clicking the timer icon at the top right:

Then select the desired interval:


Starting in v3.24.0, users can now access Observer and choose from a list of Observer instances from Dashboard. Start by click on Observer at the top right:

Then select the desired instance:

Observer Pages

The Observer pages allow users to monitor multiple ServiceNow instances.

Replicator Pages


The Report page allows users to run reports on dashboard data for their account.


This menu option allows users to choose different window layouts.


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