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Data Guarantee: ServiceNow to Replicator Agent


To enable Data Guarantee for use with the Perspectium Replicator Agent:

  1. Follow the steps to install the Perspectium Replicator Agent. Alternatively, you can install the Replicator Agent using Perspectium's Ready to Run feature.
  2. Once the Replicator Agent has been successfully installed, locate the agent.xml file on your local device by navigating to the directory you specified when installing the Replicator Agent on your local device.
  3. Add the directives shown below directly within your agent.xml file. Then, save and close the file. To check that you have correctly added the directives, refer to the Agent.xml Data Guarantee Configuration Example.
Directive Example Default Value Required/Optional? Description
ack_batch_size <ack_batch_size>"NUMBER OF MESSAGES"</ack_batch_size> 1000 Optional Adding a value within the ack_batch_size tag specifies the number of messages that will constitute one batch of messages to be acknowledged via Receipts by the Agent.
error_batch_size <error_batch_size>"NUMBER OF MESSAGES"</error_batch_size> 1000 Optional Adding a value within the error_batch_size tag specifies a threshold which, if exceeded, will result in “error” Receipts being generated by the Agent.

The default values noted above will automatically be configured after you have finished installing the Replicator Agent.

Agent.xml Data Guarantee Configuration Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
         <task instance="4">
           <message_connection password="password" queue="psp.out.replicator.queue" use_basic_consume="true" exclusive="false" user="admin">amqps://</message_connection>
           <instance_connection password="password" user="admin">https://<instance></instance_connection>
           <decryption_key>The cow jumped over the moon</decryption_key>

For more Replicator Agent configuration options, see Agent Configuration.

Message Receipts

Once Data Guarantee is enabled, receipts will be generated for messages that have been shared out of ServiceNow. Message receipts indicate the Delivery Status for records that you have shared out, allowing you to quickly identify successfully shared out records as well as any records that have not yet been shared out.

To view message receipts:

  1. In ServiceNow, navigate to Perspectium > Replicator > Receipts.
  2. Type Receipts in the upper left-hand corner navigation window. A list of receipts for the records you have shared out will appear. Receipt statuses will be displayed in the column farthest to the right.
  3. You can either (3a) click a receipt record or (3b) hover over the icon next to a receipt record to view information about a receipt, including the (3c) Delivery Status at the bottom of the pop-up window.

Receipt Delivery Statuses

Receipt Delivery Statuses include:

  • Success Your records were shared out successfully. NOTE: Receipts with a Success status will be automatically be removed after 15 minutes by default.
  • Pending The Replicator Agent is still processing the records you are trying to share out.
  • Error Your records were not shared out successfully. To troubleshoot record message receipts with an Error status, see Troubleshooting Your Data Guaranteed ServiceNow to Replicator Agent Integration.

To see details about message errors, check the Value field in the Receipt record.

Disabling Message Receipts

To disable message receipts when sharing from a ServiceNow instance to the Replicator Agent, add the following directive to your agent.xml file:

Directive Example Default Value Required/Optional? Description
skip_report <skip_report/> N/A Optional Adding the self-closing skip_report tag stops the Replicator Agent from sending message receipts back to the ServiceNow instance you are sharing from.

For more information about message receipts, see Receipts.

Troubleshooting Your Data Guaranteed ServiceNow to Replicator Agent Integration

If your records cannot be shared out from ServiceNow to the Replicator Agent successfully, try the following:

  1. In ServiceNow, navigate to Perspectium > Replicator > Receipts.
  2. Check the checkbox next to the Receipt record(s) with a Pending or Error Delivery Status.
  3. In the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, click the Resend Message(s) button. This will create a new receipt record in pending status and set the original receipt record to success status. The new resend receipt will remain in the pending status until it gets an acknowledgement from the agent.
  4. Refresh the page and check the Delivery Status for your Receipt record(s) again.

If your records still cannot be shared out after trying to resend your messages, see the Replicator Agent Troubleshooting Guide.

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