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Dedicated Import Set Tables

MSPs have a large number of customer integrations for each integrated process. Currently, all inbound messages are inserted into a single common_document import set table with a row inserted for each transform map on the import set table. For MSPs this will quickly result in a high number of inserted rows per inbound message (one for each customer endpoint).

To mitigate this MSP Gateway will create a unique Import Set table named (ie: u_<customer1>_cmn_incident_snow) and Inbound Table Map (ie: Common Incident to <customer1> Common Incident) for each customer process endpoint integration. These 2 artifacts will be generated upon creation of the customer endpoint integration record and use a copy of the ServiceNow common_document import set table.

This solution will ensure 1 record inserted per inbound record (assuming only 1 Transform Map is used per customer process endpoint integration).

Current Structure with Single Import Set

MSP Gateway Structure with Dedicated Import Sets

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