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 +====== Disabling the Perspectium Observer Update Set ======
 +The following instructions detail how to disable the Perspectium Update Set so that Perspectium jobs will no longer continue to run on your instance. ​ Please contact [[|]] if you should have any questions.
 +===== Step 1: Set All Scheduled Jobs Active State to False =====
 +To stop any Perspectium jobs that are currently running and set the triggers so as to cancel them from running again, go to Perspectium > Observer > Scheduled Jobs and set the "​Active"​ field on all jobs to false:
 +<WRAP center round important 80%>
 +Note: this module also brings up the job "​Perspectium MultiOutput Processing"​ this is used for both Replicator and Observer. ​ You should leave this alone if you are just disabling Observer.
 +===== Step 2: Delete All Scheduled Jobs =====
 +Delete all the scheduled jobs that were set to false in the previous step.  This way the jobs will be removed to prevent someone from accidentally scheduling to run again.
 +===== Step 3: Delete All Event Subscriptions =====
 +In addition to the Scheduled Jobs which poll for data we have Event Listeners. ​ There are two main components of this, the Event Subscription and the built in Script Actions.
 +Each Event Subscription has an associated Script Action. ​ You can delete all these Event Listeners. ​ This should also delete all the associated Script Actions.
 +===== Step 4: Delete Script Actions =====
 +The previous step should account for all out-of-box Perspectium Script Actions. ​ It is also recommended to double check the Script Actions here to verify they were deleted and that no one created any custom ones.
 +If there are any left you can delete them as well.
 +Go to Perspectium > Observer > --Script Actions and delete all script actions listed:
 +===== Step 5: Delete All Follow Transactions =====
 +The Follow Transactions need to be triggered manually to begin processing. ​ However, it will be good practice to delete these all anyway.
 +===== Step 6: Hide Perspectium Application from View =====
 +Optionally, if you no longer wish to have Perspectium appear in the application navigator menu (as a way to prevent users from going to the Perspectium application and its modules/​pages),​ you can remove it by following the steps on [[http://​​index.php?​title=Administering_Application_Menus_and_Modules#​Enabling_and_Disabling_Application_Menus_or_Modules|ServiceNow Disabling Application Menus or Modules]].
 +===== Step 7: Deleting the Tables =====
 +This step is not completely necessary. ​ At this point Observer should not be generating or posting any messages. ​ If you would like to remove the tables for Observer you can delete the following tables:
 +  * u_psp_situations
 +  * u_psp_sit_template
 +  * psp_event_subscription
 +  * psp_follow_transaction
 +  * u_psp_actions
 +  * u_psp_observer_out_message
 +We recommend leaving any remaining tables intact.
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