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Uninstalling the Perspectium Update Set

The following details the Perspectium Uninstall Update Set so that the Perspectium application will be removed from your instance. Please contact if you should have any questions.

The Perspectium Uninstall Module

The Uninstall Update Set for Perspectium ensures easy and secure removal of the Perspectium application from your instance with our Uninstall module.

All Scheduled Jobs, Queues, Sharing configurations, Subscribe configurations, Business rules, and Script Actions related to Perspectium will first be deactivated to prevent unwanted actions and then will be deleted. All Perspectium Tables, Modules, and UI Pages will also be removed from your instance ensuring the Perspectium application will no longer appear in your instance.

You may need to log out and log back in to your ServiceNow instance to ensure the Perspectium modules are removed from the list display.

In addition, if any of the Perspectium modules were marked as favorites prior to the uninstall process, you can remove the modules by selecting the “-” icon on the right of the module.

Some residual files will still remain after the Uninstall, files such as:

  • sys_dictionary
  • sys_ui_list_control
  • sys_ui_list_control
  • sys_ui_list_u_psp_audit
  • sys_documentation
  • sys_ui_section
  • sys_script
  • sysevent_script_action

Please note that these extra files will not interfere with any ServiceNow functionality.

Please contact if you wish to request the Uninstall Update Set.

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