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Sharing Display Values


There is a property under Replicator settings in the Properties page. The underlying property name is com.perspectium.replicator.add_display_values. This property is false by default.

When set to true, display value fields that are prefixed with dv_ in the field name will be added to the shared record. Display values are resolved display values of referenced records in the current record being shared. More information on display values here. Furthermore, when a Choice List field is encountered, the display value for that is is also added as a dv_ prefixed field.

This feature is useful if you are sharing few tables without needing to include referenced records, the display value may contain enough readable information for your report.

Additionally, Choice Lists and Glide Lists v3.2.3 will also generate display values.

Display values are human readable strings that do not ensure referential integrity when used to join with other tables. To ensure accurate joining between tables, always rely on the actual sys_id value in the reference field instead.

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