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Perspectium Replicator supports multiple ciphers to encrypt your data. The default cipher for ServiceNow is TripleDES. In Dynamic and Bulk Share configurations, an option is available to choose from a list of supported ciphers:

Encryption ciphers can be set either in the Perspectium Properties module or within shared or subscribed queue records. As of the Europium release, shared/subscribed queue record encryption keys will be honored over the encryption key entered in Perspectium Properties.

AES-128 encryption may be a required cipher for certain Perspectium-supported application endpoints (such as Salesforce). However, in general, ServiceNow's default TripleDES encryption algorithm is sufficient for most Perspectium-supported data integrations. Contact Perspectium Support to determine your application endpoint's specific encryption requirements.

AES-256 encryption requires an encryption key of 32+ characters. To create a dynamic share or bulk share with AES-256 encryption, check that the target queue you have selected for your share has a record encryption key of 32+ characters or that the encryption key entered in Perspectium Properties is 32+ characters.

For more information about encryption keys for Perspectium Replicator for ServiceNow, see the Properties page.

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