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 <wrap info>​v3.2.3</​wrap>​ <wrap info>​v3.2.3</​wrap>​
-There are times when you want to be notified ​when there is an error during processing of data, you can now subscribe to errors being generated in the Perspectium ​Log by configuring ​an email to be sent.+There are times when you want to be notified ​about errors that occur during ​the processing of data. You can now subscribe to errors being generated in the Perspectium ​Logs by configuring email notifications.
-Select the new //Error Notification// ​link in the Perspectium application as follows.+Click on //Error Notification//​ in the Perspectium application as follows.
-When you are presented with an Email Notification for //​Perspectium Error//customize it to send to your target monitoring email address. You will now be sent and email whenever an error occurs.+As shown below, ​you can specify the conditions under which these email notifications will get triggered (When to Send tab)the users/​groups that would like to receive them (Who will receive tab), and the email template that will be used (What it will contain)
-{{:error_notification.png|}}+Before submitting your changes, you can also preview how the email notification will look like. 
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