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Agent Excluding Column Configuration

The Replicator Agent supports excluding columns from replication. Please note that the preferred approach for excluding columns from being replicated is to leverage capabilities of the producer such as Perspectium Views which provides the ability to define which columns should be replicated.

Configuring columns to be excluded should be done prior to the Agent creating the table which contains the excluded column for clarity. However, it can be done after with no ill affect. That column will just no longer be populated.

You can configure multiple columns to be excluded. To set this up you will have one <exclude_columns>…</exclude_columns> set of tags. Within in it you will define each column to be excluded by individual <exclude_column>…</exclude_column> tags. This will be placed within the <subscribe> element located within the agent.xml configuration file. Example below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="no"?>

In the example above we've added the necessary configuration to exclude the columns:

  • fx_price
  • sys_tags
  • sys_translated_text

Currently, when a column is excluded it's applied to every table which may contain the column.

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