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The following are instructions for installing the Perspectium Replicator application from the ServiceNow Store in your instance for the first time.


Before we begin, make sure that you have the following information ready to configure the Perspectium Properties once that application is installed. You will have to get this information from Perspectium support.

Property Example value
The user name that is used for connecting to the Perspectium message bus dev291
The user password that is used for connecting to the Perspectium message busdev291 (will be hidden by asterisks *)
The target Perspectium server or message bus endpoint or

Users will need to allow access in their instance for scoped apps to the following tables for dynamic and bulk sharing:

  • Incident (incident)
  • Problem (problem)
  • Configuration Item (cmdb_ci)

Step 1: Download

Go to$!/store/home directly or in your instance, navigate to the Store Applications module:

Search the ServiceNow Store for “Perspectium Replicator” to contact seller and start the process of getting the application into our instance.

Once the application is your instance, it will appear in the Downloads tab of the Store Applications module with an “Install” option:

Step 2: Install

Click on “Install” and wait for the instance to install the application. The navigator should refresh and show the Perspectium Replicator application:

If the module does not appear, logout of the instance and log back in. Or check you have the proper role to access the application. The application comes packaged with the x_perr2_perspectiu.perspectium role. If you prefer to limit users to only accessing this application, this role can be added so the user can access this application, its modules and tables.

Step 3: Finish Install

Click on the “Finish Install” module to complete the installation process. This will install Perspectium specific properties and start other processes needed for the Perspectium Replicator application to run.

Step 4: Configure

Click on the “Properties” module and update your properties.

Enter an encryption key in the “Encryption key for encrypting replicator content shared (must be at least 24 characters long)” property. This key will be used for encrypting replicated data sent to the cloud-based Perspectium message bus (Perspectium Message Broker Service) to safeguard your data and should be at least 24 characters in length.

Your installation is now complete!

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