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 +===== Handling of long Table and Column names when replicating to the Oracle database =====
 +<wrap info>​v3.9.0</​wrap>​
 +Since Oracle only permits a string of 30 characters by default, a table or a column name that has over 30 characters will be truncated upon replication. ​ The algorithm used for the truncation is the first 15 characters of the name will be displayed, followed by a "​_"​ and then the last 14 of the table name.  The "​_"​ denotes the truncated values between the first 15 and the last 14 characters.
 +<WRAP round info>
 +For example: When replicating the table "​Workflow Estimated Runtime Configuration"​ (41 characters total) to Oracle database, the replicated name will be "​u_workflow_esti__configuration"​.
 +Please Note: When replicating a table or column that have similar names, meaning if the first 15 and the last 14 of the name are the same, only one of the two records will be replicated since after truncation, both of the names will be the same.
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