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For tables such as Knowledge (kb_knowledge) that have HTML fields where you can embed images and videos, the “Include embedded images/videos” option on both dynamic and bulk share configurations will also share the embedded images and videos so that subscribing instances can display them properly when displaying the table's records.

Only “HTML” or “Translated HTML” type fields are supported for sharing embedded images and videos. If your field is any other type (such as “String”) embedded images/videos will not be shared out properly.

By default, when you select “Include embedded images/videos”, the “Include attachments” option will also be selected as the actual embedded images and videos are stored in the attachment tables (sys_attachment and sys_attachment_doc) and thus must be shared from those tables for sharing to work correctly.

Note that on the instance where you set up subscribe, you will need to set up the following tables to also subscribe in order for this option to work properly:

If you are re-sharing a record that a subscribing instance previously received and is showing broken images/videos (because the first time sharing didn't properly share these embedded images/videos), you will need to clear your browser's cache after the subscribing instance receives the re-shared messages for these images/videos to properly display. ServiceNow caches embedded images/videos, even ones that were previously broken but are now fixed.

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