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Include journal fields

A checkbox to indicate if sys_journal_field entries related to records in this table should also be shared.

When this option is selected, the “Include audit log” checkbox option will appear allowing you to specify if you want to share related sys_audit records as well.

As of release v3.19.0 the sys_journal checkbox option is no longer needed for the Include audit log checkbox to appear. This allows the user to share the sys_audit records without sharing the sys_journal records.

For ServiceNow to ServiceNow replication you will want to select both journal field and audit log options to accurately update the history/activity log on the subscribing instance. As well, you will want to either have a “global” subscribe or subscribe to both the sys_journal_field and sys_audit tables on the subscribing instance to receive these records.

Prior to v3.11.0, selecting the “Include journal fields” option would automatically share both sys_journal_field and sys_audit records. By upgrading to v3.11.0+, the “Include audit log” option is not selected by default on any current dynamic or scheduled bulk shares and thus sys_audit records will not be shared out. You will have to go into each dynamic or scheduled bulk share and select the “Include audit log” option in order to continue sharing sys_audit records.

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