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Include Referenced Field Records

An option that indicates if referenced field records related to the table should also be shared.

Once you select this option, use the “Select referenced field records to share” related list at the bottom to select the referenced fields to share:

In the Dubnium Release for Bulk Share, the table is named Referenced Field Records.

Only referenced fields at the first level (i.e. those directly referenced by this table) can be shared and only the ones specified in this list will be shared along with this table's record.

In v3.15.0, an “Add all referenced fields” button has been added to the top the related lists to avoid having to add each field one by one.

Restricting shared fields on referenced records


This feature allows dynamic share or bulk share to limit the fields that are being shared on referenced records. After clicking “Share only selected fields” on a given referenced field, clicking the “Add new” would specify a field to be shared, and clicking “Add all table fields” would share all fields of the given record.

Example: This dynamic share on the “Ticket” table is configured to share out the “assignment_group” field. The “assignment_group” record is configured to share out only a few fields - 'name', 'manager', and 'roles'.

When a dynamic share or bulk share is triggered, the “assignment_group” record will only have the three fields selected to be shared.

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