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 +====== Jira Configuration ======
 +The Jira side of the ServiceNow Jira SIAM integration involves setting 3 pieces:
 +  - Webhook, in order to send data out of Jira
 +  - Custom Field, in order to correlate Jira and ServiceNow tickets
 +  - Jira User, in order to authenticate our requests through
 +==== 1. Webhook ==== 
 +To begin a Webhook needs to be created which will communicate with the Perspectium MBS. For general information on how to create a Webhook see Atlassians [[https://​​jiradev/​jira-apis/​webhooks#​Webhooks-jiraadmin|documentation]]. To create a Webhook that will link to the Perspectium MBS you will need:
 +   - A Jira login with Administrative Access to the project or the Jira instance. ​
 +   - A URL to the Perspectium MBS 
 +   - The key for the project(s) you wish to share and subscribe from
 +The URL will be provided by Perspectium. Once you have this information log into the Jira account that has administrative access and use these steps to create the Webhook:
 +  - In the name field enter a name that is meaningful to your oganization.
 +  - Make sure that the status of the Webhook is set to enabled.
 +  - In the URL field, enter the URL for the Perspectium MBS provided by Perspectium support. ​
 +  - In the events field, enter the key for the project(s) you wish to share from.
 +       * This should look like project="​projectIdentifier"​ i.e. project=STP
 +       * For multiple projects you can set it to "​project = INC OR project = DEV"
 +       * If you have a lot of projects you can also set it to "​project in ("​INC",​ "​DEV",​ "​DC",​ .....)"​
 +  - Check the created, updated, and deleted checkboxes under the Issues header.
 +  - Check the created and updated checkboxes under the Comment and Worklog headers.
 +Once these steps are done, save your Webhook and verify that it has been created. Once the Webhook is saved it should look like this:
 +{{:​webhooksaved.png?​700|}} \\
 +<WRAP round info>
 +Per [[https://​​browse/​JRACLOUD-68414|Atlassian]],​ webhooks currently do not support the issue_deleted event that should be triggered when an issue is deleted and thus deletes initiated in Jira are not currently supported.
 +==== 2. ServiceNow Identifier Custom Field ====
 +The ServiceNow Identifier custom field in Jira will allow for the bonding of the ServiceNow identifier with the Jira identifier. This needs to be done to ensure that both ServiceNow and Jira can identify the issues/​incidents being replicated. To set up a custom field you will need a Jira account with administrative access to your Jira instance or the project you wish to share from. View the Atlassian documentation for general information on [[https://​​adminjiracloud/​adding-editing-and-deleting-a-custom-field-776636410.html|creating]] or [[https://​​adminjiracloud/​configuring-a-custom-field-776636423.html|configuring]] a custom field. To create the ServiceNow Identifier field: ​
 +  - Create the field as a Text Field(single line) 
 +  - Name the field //​ServiceNow Identifier//​ exactly as it is shown here. 
 +    - The name of the field you create should have the exact capitalization shown here, as well as a space between ServiceNow and Identifier. ​
 +  - Set the screens that the field will be seen on. The fields should be prefaced by the project that you are sharing from. 
 +    - If you are doing multiple projects or adding projects make sure that that each project is listed here.
 +    - More projects can be added by hitting the gear icon, selecting "​Screens",​ and then by hitting the checkbox for the respective projects.
 +Once these steps have been completed save the identifier and verify that it has been created. You should be seeing something similar to this: 
 +{{:​servicenowidentifierex.png?​1000|}} \\ \\
 +Once the ServiceNow Identifier field has been created and configured you will now need to find the customFieldId for it and provide that to Perspectium Support. This field is needed for the Perspectium MBS setup and can be obtained in two ways: 
 +  - Obtaining the ServiceNow Identifier field I.D. from the configure page URL
 +       - Go to your ServiceNow Identifer field on the Custom Fields link under the Issues tab as an administrator
 +       - Click on the settings menu for the ServiceNow Identifier field
 +       - Click the configure link
 +       - Once on the configure page notice that the customFieldId is at the end of the URL for that page. 
 +       - This is the number that should be given to Perspectium Support. ​
 +   - Obtaining it from the rest API
 +       - Enter this URL //​%%https://​yourInstanceName/​rest/​api/​2/​field%%//​ substituting yourInstanceName for the name of your Jira instance. ​
 +       - It should return a JSON file which you should then search for //​ServiceNow Identifier//​
 +       - On the line you find the //​ServiceNow Identifier//​ you should see //​customfield_#####//​
 +       - The ##### you see is the customFieldId that should be given to Perspectium support. ​
 +<WRAP round info>
 +If you are using any other custom fields that you wish to be replicated as well, provide Perspectium Support with the exact name of the field, the type of field, and the field'​s customFieldId.
 +Your Jira instance should now be set up to replicate to and from your ServiceNow instance. ​
 +For more information for setting up the ServiceNow Identifier field or other mapping features please see [[jira_additional_mapping_guide|here]].
 +==== 3. Jira User ====
 +The changes that are sent into Jira will be fired through a Jira user that you will have to create. We recommend creating a "​ServiceNow Integration"​ (or a similarly named) user to handle this. This user will require the proper access to create, edit, assign, comment, etc on your tickets. To get a better idea of what this entails look at your current "​Permission Schemes"​ under your Jira Administration > Issues (alternatively type "​gg"​ to bring up the Administrator shortcut and search "​Permission Schemes"​).
 +If you are using the Repeater Agent this is the user that you will be authenticating to your Jira instance with. If you are not using the Repeater Agent you will have to provide the details of this user to Perspectium in order for our Message Broker Service to connect to your Jira instance.
 +====== Perspectium Configuration ======
 +Perspectium support will configure the Perspectium MBS for your ServiceNow to Jira SIAM integration. To ensure that everything is configured correctly make sure to provide [[|Perspectium Support]] with:
 +  - The name of your ServiceNow instance
 +  - The name of your Jira instance
 +  - Your Jira instance ServiceNow Identifier customFieldID
 +  - Information on any custom fields you wish to be replicated from Jira to ServiceNow or ServiceNow to Jira
 +  - An endpoint user and password to establish an authenticated connection to Jira
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