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Message Performance Stats

In v3.23 a table has been added to profile the performance of replicator activity. In order to populate this table you must enable the property labeled “Enable performance stats logging” within the properties (Perspectium > Control and Configuration > Properties).

To access this table select the Performance Stats module under the Replicator application menu. Once at this table, you can filter on subscribe or share by looking at the module field. For sharing look for module processMultiOutput and for subscribe look for fetchFromOneQueue. The name field can be searched for records that have been processed, encoded, collected, or updated. The value field is amount of seconds that it took to preform the action described in the name field.


On Dubnium and newer versions, the Message Performance Stats will display a new action called PROCESSING. PROCESSING is used to gauge the performance of records within the same table. If a batch of records contains multiple tables, the PROCESSING record will display the overall performance of each table within that batch.

Field Description
A. Duration The total time taken to process all records of that given table.
B. Records The total amount of records proccessed for that given table.
C. Table Name The name of the table and action
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