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 The following update sets should be installed: The following update sets should be installed:
-1. Perspectium for ServiceNow update set+1. Perspectium for ServiceNow update set <WRAP round info>be sure to  Finish Install, configure the Perspectium Properties, and Test Connection</​WRAP>​
 2. Perspectium Common Endpoint update set 2. Perspectium Common Endpoint update set
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 3. Perspectium Common Incident update set 3. Perspectium Common Incident update set
-Once the update ​sets have been installed, make the following changes:+4. Perspectium Common Attachment ​update ​set
-1) In the Transform Map (PSP Common ​Incident ​to Incident table), locate the target field //Sys ID//. Change its Source Field script to:+5. Perspectium MSP Incident ​Management Endpoint update set
-    if(source.u_correlation_id.nil()) +Once the update sets have been installed and connectivity ​to Perspectium is established proceed to configure the Perspectium MSP Incident Management Endpoint as follows:
-      return gs.generateGUID(); ​ //create new record +
-  +
-    var gr = new GlideRecord('​incident'​);​ +
-    var qc = gr.addQuery('​number',​ source.u_correlation_id);​ +
-    gr.query();​ +
-    if(  +
-    { +
-         ​return gr.sys_id;​ +
-    }  +
-  +
-    return gs.generateGUID();​ // no return found, return -1 to create a new record+
-This script will query the incident table for a matching incident number based on the source correlation ​ID; if it finds a matching record it will return its sys_id, and if not it will create a new incident record.+Create an integration user with the following attributes:​ 
 +  * User ID = perspectium.msp  
 +  * First Name = Perspectium 
 +  * Last Name = MSP 
 +  * Internal Integration User = true 
-2) In the Transform Map (PSP Common Incident to Incident table)locate ​the target field //​correlation_id//​Change its Source Field from //sys_id// to //​u_number//​.+<WRAP round info>The User ID, First NameLast Name can be changed from the values above This user will display as the Caller for new inbound incidents ​from the MSP Gateway</WRAP>
-3) In the outbound table map, change ​the Source Script for the //​provider//​ field to reflect ​the Customer Name generated from MSP GatewayFor example, if the Customer Name from the MSP Gateway ​is Acer, change the Source Script to:+Navigate to the **Perspectium MSP Endpoint** application menu and select **Properties** 
 +Enter the name of the customer in the corresponding property This must match the  
 +company name specified in the MSP Gateway ​customer endpoint configuration
-   ​answer = "​Acer";​+Enter the **name** of the Assignment Group for Incidents to be bonded with the MSP Gateway. ​ This will be used as the replication condition in the Dynamic Share to the MSP Gateway. ​ It will also be used as the Assignment Group for inbound incidents from the MSP Gateway.
-4) In the same outbound table map, add a new table map field and check "Use Script"​. In the Target field enter @SIAM_provider+Enter the Instance Name of the MSP Gateway ServiceNow instance.
-{{:​siam_provider_field.png?600|}}+Enter the **User ID** (sys_user.user_name) of the User to use as the Caller for inbound incidents from the MSP Gateway. ​ If you leave this blank, the Transform Map will attempt to use the source.u_caller_id value.
-Similarly to the previous stepchange the Source Script for the //​provider//​ field to reflect ​the Customer Name generated from MSP Gateway. For example, if the Customer Name from the MSP Gateway is Acer, change the Source Script to:+Once the above properties are configured and savednavigate ​to the **Perspectium ​MSP Endpoint** application menu and select **Finish Install**
-    answer = "​Acer";​ 
-(7/12-Not sure if this needs to be documented) 
-5) In the dynamic share (Before share script), the psp_action of "​attachment"​ must have this line at the end of the else-if statement: !pspAttachment.allAttachmentsHaveTag("​incident",​ current.sys_id,​ "​msp_client_incident_sent"​). This else-if statement must be before the psp_action of "​comment"​. 
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