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Service Provider (MSP) Gateway Overview

MSP Gateway is an application that enables service providers to use ServiceNow to rapidly on-board and integrate with their customers to perform Service Integration and Management operations. MSP Gateway uses integration templates to enable a streamlined and repeatable process for eBonding with your customers' Service Management systems. These integration templates provide default mappings for various Service Management systems and modules. All mappings and conditions for eBonding are configurable and can be modified and cloned to build a repeatable integration blueprint for rapid on-boarding of your customers.

Right out of the box, ServiceNow domains are used to trigger eBonding records with your customers. If a record you create or modify is in the domain of a customer you enabled for eBonding, it will be transformed and replicated to the customers Service Management system.

MSP Gateway also provides dashboards to monitor the integration health with each of your customers and the ability to export all configurations for a customer integration to an Update Set allowing easy migration from sub-production to production environments.

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