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Disabling Perspectium Observer

If you no longer want to send Perspectium Observer data from your instance to Perspectium, you can easily disable this function. All Perspectium processing is controlled by the Scheduled Jobs which run. The jobs that get run are all those that start with ‘Perspectium’ in the scheduled job name. By simply placing an ‘X’ as the first character of the name, that job will get skipped when starting up Perspectium jobs.

Here are the steps to disable Perspectium Observer data collection on your instance:

1. In ServiceNow, navigate to the Perspectium application and click on “Stop All Jobs”

2. Bring up a filtered view of all Observer scheduled jobs: Perspectium→Control and Configuration→All Scheduled Jobs. Filter on all jobs where name contains “Perspectium Observer or Follow Transaction”. Then manually rename each Perspectium Observer job name with an “X” in front of it.

3. Now start all jobs again, and Observer will be disabled.

Make sure all Observer jobs, the ones with a name that starts with “Perspectium Observer …” is renamed to “XPerspectium Observer …”

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