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List of Metrics Collected By Observer

Below details the list of metrics collected by Observer when running in your instance after installing the Observer update set. These metrics are sent to the Perspectium cloud service for viewing in the Observer UI. For more details on these metrics, please contact

Metric Description Examples Collected and Displayed in Observer UI
Active SQL Statements Currently active SQL statements ran against the instance Active SQL Statements
Active User Roles Active users with a particular user role in the instance Active User Roles(role) for every role i.e. Active User Roles(admin)
Application Access Count Number of times applications/tables are accessed Application Access Count(application) for every application/table that is accessed at each metric collection point. For example, Application Access Count (Service Management Basics)
Approval of Closed Tasks Closed tasks that require approval Approval of Closed Tasks (total)
Approver is deactivated Ttasks that have approvers that are inactive Approver is deactivated(total)
Available DB Connections Available DB connections for the instance to use Available DB Connections(Averaged)
Available DB Connections(glide)
Available DB Connections(glide.fastlock)
Available DB Connections(glide.ts)
Average Bytes Per Message Perspectium internal metric for the average bytes per message you have replicated to a particular agent (not sure if we want to document this or not to the customer but it does show in the list) Avg Bytes/Msg:<instance name>
Caller is Deactivated on Incidents Incidents where the selected callers are inactive Caller is deactivated on Incidents(total)
Client Browser Time Average browser response time to clients (users) over specific time intervals Client Browser Time(1 minute)
Client Browser Time(5 minutes)
Client Browser Time(15 minutes)
Client Browser Time(1 Hour)
Client Browser Time(5 Day)
Client Browser Time(5 Averaged)
Client Network Time Average network response time to clients (users) over specific time intervals Client Network Time(1 minute)
Client Network Time(5 minutes)
Client Network Time(15 minutes)
Client Network Time(1 Hour)
Client Network Time(5 Day)
Client Network Time(5 Averaged)
CPU Load Average CPU load averages for server instance is running on over specific time intervals CPU(32) load average(1 minute)
CPU(32) load average(5 minutes)
CPU(32) load average(15 minutes)
CPU(32) load average(1 Hour)
CPU(32) load average(5 Day)
CPU(32) load average(5 Averaged)
Customer Updates Customer updates (sys_update_xml) recently processed ie. Customer Updates 60s (Dictionary)
ECC Queue Messages in the External Communication Channel (ECC) queue
Email Queue Messages in the email queue to be processed Email Queue 60s (total)
External User Accounts User accounts in the instance created externally External User Accounts(total)
Import Set Queue Records in the import set queue Import Set Queue 60s(total)
Import Set Queue 60s(loading)
Import Set Run Queue 60s Records currently being run by import set queue Import Set Run Queue 60s(total)
Import Set Run Queue 60s(loading)
Inactive Users Inactive users in the system Inactive Users (total)
Local User Accounts User accounts created locally in ServiceNow (not through an external source) Local User Accounts (total)
Logged in Sessions Logged in sessions to the instance, broken down on average and by node Logged in sessions (Averaged)
Logged in sessions : <instance_name><node_number>
Num Free Semaphores Number of free semaphores available to the instance Num Free Semaphores(AMB_RECEIVE)
Num Free Semaphores(AMB_RECEIVE)
Num Free Semaphores(AMB_SEND)
Num Free Semaphores(API_INT)
Num Free Semaphores(Debug)
Num Free Semaphores(Default)
Num Free Semaphores(Presence)
Open Tasks with Assigned to Deactivated Open tasks with an assigned to user that is inactive Open Tasks with Assigned to Deactivated (total)
Progress Worker Queue Progress Work Queue 60s total)
Percent Free Memory of Max Percent free of the total memory available to the instance Percent free memory of Max (Averaged)
Scheduler is Running If the scheduler is running on the instance's node Scheduler is running : <instance_name><node_number>
Scheduled Jobs Scheduled Jobs 60s (total)
Scheduler Mean Queue Age Mean of how old jobs are in the scheduler queue to be executed Scheduler mean queue age : <instance_name><node_number>
Scheduler Queue Length Jobs in the scheduler queue to be run Scheduler queue length : <instance_name><node_number>
Scheduler Total Jobs Scheduled jobs running on the node Scheduler total jobs : <instance_name><node_number>
Scheduler Worker Count Workers available on the node to execute jobs Scheduler worker count : <instance_name><node_number>
Scheduler Worker Running Count Workers on the node currently executing jobs Scheduler worker running count : <instance_name><node_number>
Server Response Time Average server response time to clients (users) over specific time intervals Server Response Time(1 minute)
Server Response Time(5 minutes)
Server Response Time(15 minutes)
Server Response Time(1 Hour)
Server Response Time(5 Day)
Server Response Time(5 Averaged)
Servlet Active Sessions Active sessions with servlets Servlet active sessions : <instance_name><node_number>
Servlet Errors Handled Errors generated by servlets that have been handled Servlet errors handled : <instance_name><node_number>
Servlet Processor Transactions Servlet transactions handled by processor Servlet processor transactions : <instance_name><node_number>
Servlet Transactions Servlet transactions completed Servlet transactions (Averaged)
SQL Queries Averaged number of SQL queries ran against the instance SQL Inserts(Averaged)
SQL Updates(Averaged)
SQL Selects(Averaged)
SQL Deletes(Averaged)
SQL Response Times Averaged response times of SQL queries ran against the instance SQL Inserts Response Time(Averaged)
SQL Updates Response Time(Averaged)
SQL Selects Response Time(Averaged)
SQL Deletes Response Time(Averaged)
SQL Total Total of all SQL actions SQL Total 60s : <instance_name><node_number>
SQL Updates Total of all SQL Updates SQL Updates 60s:<instance_name>
Syslog 300s Total of system log messages
Syslog Transactions 300s Total of system log transactions Syslog transactions 300s (total)
System Event Queue Total of event queue messages System Event Queue 60s (total)
System Load Average Average load in system at a point in time System load average 60s : <instance_name><node_number>
Total Bytes Perspectium internal metric for the # of messages you have replicated to a particular agent Total Bytes:<DB name>
Total Messages Perspectium internal metric for the # of messages you have replicated to a particular instance Total Msgs:<DB name>
Worker Queue Scheduled jobs to be executed Worker Queue (Averaged)
Worker Queue Mean Duration Mean duration of times to complete scheduled jobs Worker Queue mean duration (Averaged)
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