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NOTE: To view release notes for Perspectium versions Fluorine and beyond, see our new docs site Perspectium Docs.

Date Released Release Change Product(s) Affected
November 29, 2018 Europium enhancement: no_audit_delete attribute added to Observer Outbound Messages table to alleviate performance issues when deleting large volumes of data Core Update Set
enhancement: Trend charts will now default to displaying the trend group as a percentage of the y-axis when there are more than five attributes in a chart Observer UI
fixed: Follow transaction messages are now put in Observer Outbound table rather than the Replicator Outbound table Core Update Set
Sept 25th, 2018 Dubnium patch1 fixed: observer data cleaner not properly cleaning out certain status types messages Update Set
fixed: user is unable to add medium and low alert events Observer UI
fixed: disabling of certain predefined alerts not disabling properly Observer UI
fixed: alerts notifications are sending out while feature is disabled Observer UI
August 23, 2018 Dubnium feature: enabled testing of custom events Observer UI
feature: added functionality for creation and deletion of custom trend groups on the “Settings” page Observer UI
enhancement: created pop-up messages to prevent creation of empty rows on the Settings page Observer UI
enhancement: attributed dropdown menu on the “Problems” page now displays all nodes that make up an “averaged” attribute Observer UI
fixed: observer logo now loads on Internet Explorer 11 Observer UI
fixed: observer now loads general settings on Internet Explorer 11 Observer UI
fixed: UI now refreshes every time a new value is entered Observer UI
May 18, 2018 Carbon feature: added new “Overview” page Observer UI
enhancement: renamed the “Trend” page to “Problems” Observer UI
enhancement: alerts are now set up by default Observer UI
enhancement: alert configuration values can now be entered manually Observer UI
enhancement: alerts now have a unique ID to make them easy to identify Observer UI
April 19, 2018 fixed: unable to delete custom trend groups Observer UI
fixed: import alert definitions display errors even on success Observer UI
fixed: monitor calendar doesn't allow you to select current date Observer UI
enhancement: input values for alert configurations can now be entered manually Observer UI
enhancement: optimized default trigger alert values so not all triggers without a time window or velocity prevent excess alerts Observer UI
enhancement: disabled alternating row colors in grids to make it easier to see which row is selected Observer UI
April 1, 2018 enhancement: trend charts will now generate with all flags Observer UI
enhancement: Top Ten grids can now be sorted by name and value Observer UI
enhancement: alerts are set to trigger by default without a time window or velocity evaluation period Observer UI
enhancement: Trend page has been renamed to Problem and trend groups have been renamed for easier identification of problems with an instance Observer UI
enhancement: created Execute Hourly Interval option for actions Observer UI
fixed: removed use of Packages call for detect situations business rules Update Set
February 8, 2018 Bismuth fixed: Top Ten next day button disabled for the same day of each month Observer UI
December 21, 2017 fixed: Top Ten New Slow SQL Statements no longer shows “undefined undefined” Update Set
October 25, 2017 fixed: alert configurations fails to load alerts Observer UI
October 5, 2017 Argon feature: tour of the Observer application Observer UI
fixed: all alerts in alert lists can now be cleared Observer UI
fixed: scheduled data cleaner job not deleting messages Update Set
fixed: Observer logo not showing up in Firefox and Microsoft Edge Observer UI
fixed: Calendar will be empty when switching between Trend and Top Ten pages Observer UI
August 11, 2017 3.25.0 fixed: images of graphs can now be downloaded from the Monitor page Observer UI
fixed: instance dropdown list will now adjust accordingly when window is resized Observer UI
fixed: newly created users now able to login Observer UI
fixed: changed password options to authenticate correctly Observer UI
July 19, 2017 3.24.0 fixed: log out button in Observer is now consistent with Dashboard's log out button. Observer UI
fixed: support of single sign-on Observer UI
enhancement: disabled External User Accounts and Local User Accounts actions by default so as not to affect instance performance Update Set
enhancement: moved Reset Zoom Button to the bottom-right corner of the Trends graph Observer UI
June 27, 2017 3.23.0 feature: added compare feature on the Top Ten page Observer UI
June 5, 2017 3.22.0 feature: added wiki help link on the bottom of page Observer UI
feature: added the ability to drag windows in Top Ten Observer UI
fixed: minor graphical bug fix Observer UI
May 11, 2017 3.21.0 enhancement: included user indexes for external user accounts and inactive users actions Observer UI
feature: added Properties page for Observer Update Set
enhancement: Observer URL can now be overwritten on the Observer Properties page Update Set
enhancement: outbound Observer messages can now be limited via the Observer Properties page Update Set
April 18, 2017 3.20.0 enhancement: users can now swap between instances in a family in observer through a dropdown menu Observer UI
March 27, 2017 3.19.0 enhancement: moved event subscription messages to Observer outbound queue Update Set
enhancement: added new action to check for kb articles with inactive categories Update Set
feature: included recommended indexes Update Set
fixed: issue where de-activating an Action would not stop running from the “On Alert” Interval Update Set
February 16, 2017 3.18.0 feature: added the ability to publish to a chart to Dashboard Observer UI
enhancement: acl update set created for read roles for Observer UI pages to be perspectium user Update Set
January 20, 2017 3.17.0 enhancement: made it easier to log out similar to Dashboard Observer UI
enhancement: Observer messages processed in their own outbound queue Update Set
fixed: hamburger menu not opening in Dashboard Observer UI
December 14, 2016 3.16.0 fixed: encoding errors preventing trend page from loading Observer UI
fixed: finish install situations instead of including as part of Update Set Update Set
October 28, 2016 3.15.0 feature: health check Update Set
enhancement: actions to run Observer jobs Update Set

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