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This page lists the current and past releases of Perspectium Observer. To get the current version you are on, you must first navigate to your Perspectium Observer instance using one of the following URLs (contact if you have any questions on your Observer URL):

https://<instance name> or https://<instance name>

When the page finishes loading, hover your mouse pointer over the top left label of the Perspectium Observer logo and a popup should appear displaying information about your Observer instance including the version:

Release Schedule

Date Released Version Changelog Product
May 18th 2018 Carbon feature: added new “Overview” page UI
enhancement: renamed the “Trend” page to “Problems” UI
enhancement: alerts are now set up by default UI
enhancement: users can now enter their own alert configuration values UI
enhancement: alerts now have a unique ID to make them easy to identify UI
fixed: unable to delete custom trend groups UI
fixed: import alert definitions display errors even on success UI
fixed: monitor calendar doesn't allow you to select current date UI
enhancement: users may now input values for alert configurations UI
enhancement: optimize default trigger alert values so not all trigger without a time window or velocity to prevent excess alerts UI
enhancement: disable alternating row colors in grids to make it easier to see which row is selected UI
enhancement: trend charts will now generate with all flags UI
enhancement: Top Ten grids can now be sorted by name and value UI
enhancement: alerts are set to trigger by default without a time window or velocity evaluation period UI
enhancement: Trend page has been renamed to Problem and trend groups have been renamed to help users better identify problems with the instance UI
enhancement: execute hourly interval option for actions UI
fixed: removed use of Packages call for detect situations business rule Update Set
February 8th 2018 Bismuth fixed: Top Ten next day button disabled for the same day of each month UI
fixed: top ten new slow SQL statements no longer shows “undefined undefined” Update Set
fixed: alert configurations fails to load alerts UI
October 5th 2017 Argon feature: tour of the Observer application UI
fixed: user is now able to clear all alerts in alert lists UI
fixed: scheduled data cleaner job not deleting messages Update Set
fixed: Observer logo not showing up in Firefox and Microsoft Edge UI
fixed: Calendar will be empty when switching between Trend and Top Ten pages UI
fixed: minor UI fixes UI
fixed: user is now able to download images from the monitor UI
fixed: instance drop down list will now adjust accordingly when window is resized. UI
fixed: newly created users now able to login UI
fixed: change password options authenticate correctly UI
July 19th 2017 3.24.0 fixed: log out button on Observer is now consistent with dashboard's log out button. UI
fixed: support of Single Sign On UI
enhancement: disabled External User Accounts and Local User Accounts actions by default to not affect instance performance Update Set
enhancement: moved Reset Zoom Button to the bottom-right corner of the Trends graph UI
fixed: minor UI fixes UI
feature: added compare feature on the Top Ten page UI
feature: added wiki help link on the bottom of page UI
feature: added the ability to drag windows in Top Ten UI
fixed: minor graphical bug fix UI
May 11th 2017 3.21.0 enhancement: include user indexes for external user accounts and inactive users actions UI
feature: added properties page specifically for observer Update Set
enhancement: users can override the Observer UI url via Observer Properties Update Set
enhancement: limit outbound observer messages via the Observer Properties Update Set
April 18th 2017 3.20.0 enhancement: users can now swap between instances in a family in observer through a dropdown menu UI
March 27th 2017 3.19.0 enhancement: moved event subscription messages to Observer outbound queue Update Set
enhancement: added new action to check for kb articles with inactive categories Update Set
feature: include recommended indexes Update Set
fixed: issue where de-activating an Action would not stop it running from for the “On Alert” Interval Update Set
February 16th 2017 3.18.0 feature: added the ability to publish to a chart to Dashboard UI
enhancement: acl update set created for read roles for Observer UI pages to be perspectium user Update Set
January 20th 2017 3.17.0 enhancement: made it easier to log out similar to Dashboard UI
enhancement: observer messages processed in their own outbound queue Update Set
fixed: hamburger menu not opening in dashboard UI
December 14th 2016 3.16.0 fixed: encoding errors preventing trend page from loading UI
fixed: finish install situations instead of including as part of update set Update Set
October 28th 2016 3.15.0 feature: health check Update Set
enhancement: actions to run observer jobs Update Set

Previous Releases

2016/03/25 14:42 · Carlos

Known Issues

Date Detected Versions Affected Issue Fixed Version
07/21/2017 3.24.0 Minor graphical issues with the Top Ten UI page Argon
07/11/2017 3.23.0 + User might not be able to login to Observer using new created password 3.25.0
05/17/2017 3.20.0 + There's a symbol ` on the Observer logo for all of our Observer pages 3.23.0
02/1/2017 3.17.0 Change password link navigates user to the login screen 3.18.0
07/27/2016 3.11.0 Observer's top right menu drop down might not resize on the web browser correctly 3.14.0
07/27/2016 3.11.0 Page resizing issue after accessing the Options menu in the Monitor page 3.12.0
07/27/2016 3.11.0 Options menu of the Monitor page might become unresponsive 3.12.0
04/14/2016 3.3.0+ Observer password does not support non-alphanumeric characters 3.8.0
04/13/2016 3.4.4+ Unable to log in to Observer after inactive time out. Not Fixed
03/23/2016 3.3.0+ The “Please select an option from the list” is displayed incorrectly in Observer upon canceling the creation of an event. 3.8.0
03/23/2016 3.3.0+ The Change password URL for Observer is truncated if the user name is too large, causing it to link to an incorrect login page. 3.9.0
12/21/2015 3.3.0 Observer alert config description field won't properly save updates with CR or double quote. 3.4.0
11/13/2015 3.3.0 Semaphores hour label is not readable in Observer trend chart. 3.6.0
11/13/2015 3.3.0 Server page graphs are not showing data in Observer. 3.6.0
11/13/2015 3.3.0+ Sessions is not showing values in Observer page. 3.8.0
11/13/2015 3.3.0 Transient, invalid graph showing up when clicking render chart on Observer. 3.6.0
11/13/2015 3.3.0+ From To date does not reflect selected calendar start date. 3.8.0
12/9/2015 3.3.0 Monitor alert counts showing “value.indexOf is not a function”. 3.4.0
1/18/2016 3.2.5+ The “Carrot” symbol in Events alert configurations causes the Observer user to not receive alerts. 3.6.0
12/23/2015 3.2.5+ Trend Charts takes a long time to load for monthly and weekly data. 3.7.0
10/15/2015 3.2.5+ Drop down tables in Observer do not close when user navigates to a different screen within the Observer site. 3.14.0
9/15/2015 3.2.5 “Delete Selected” doesn't work for custom alerts on alert configurations page. 3.5.0
10/15/2015 3.2.5 Alert configuration is telling me it saved a record which had no input but subsequently the empty records are not reflected. Should state and edit for required fields. 3.7.0
9/4/2015 3.2.5 The “Order” column of psp_perspective does not function correctly. New entries created for example for Statsx, will always move to the end of Observer page. 3.3.0
2016/02/26 17:08 · Billy Wong

Please contact to request an upgrade of your Observer once it is released.

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