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1. How is Observer installed ?

Observer is delivered in a ServiceNow certified Update Set, loaded and committed through normal Update Set installation method. The Update Set is downloadable through the following Update Set Releases page. After the application is installed, Perspectium will provide the connectivity credentials and endpoint.

2. What types of data are collected by the Observer Application in ServiceNow ?

Observer collects ServiceNow platform performance related metric information. Performance related information from ServiceNow's and data is collected from the sys_cluster_state table's stats field. No customer specific information is collected from these facilities. Additionally, sizing and growth metric on specific system tables are collected to ensure that their growth are being monitored.

3. How does Observer collect this data ?

The Observer Application installs Scheduled Script Jobs that poll the sys_cluster_state table as well as execute aggregates on specific system tables. The data is collected into the Outbound queue table (psp_out_message) and a separate Scheduled Script Job queries this table to be POSTed to the assigned Perspectium Message Broker Service. The POST is done using SSL enabled HTTP POSTS with the message broker service credentials supplied as HTTP headers.

4. How is data accessed in Observer ?

Observer presents a monitoring and trending user interface that is accessed via HTTPS.

5. How is data stored in Observer ?

Observer stores its monitoring, alert, and trending data in a secure cloud database that can only be accessed by the Observer UI to render and display. No customer specific or sensitive data is stored.

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