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 +=====Errors Handled=====
 +Users can view the Trend and % Change on Errors Handled for today and within the last hour. Here is an example of the UI.
 +Whenever a ServiceNow transaction results in an error and is handled, the error is typically logged to the system error log and the error handled counter incremented.
 +Whenever there is a big increase in errors handled, care should be taken to observe when that big increase happened to correlate with an application modification/​upgrade or introduction of new code. That usually means that the change has introduced an error and should be addressed as soon as possible. If the increase in errors handled appears to be a constant number, e.g. a straight line slope, this usually means that there is a timed execution of code that is causing the error for example a scheduled job. The gradual but constant increase may also indicate that an integration with an external data source that is constantly updating your ServiceNow instance may be the root cause.
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