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 {{:​server_semaphores.png?​|}} {{:​server_semaphores.png?​|}}
-Different available ​semaphore sets can be selected and viewed by using the above drop down.+Available ​semaphore sets can be selected and viewed by using the above drop down
 +Semaphores control the number of user transactions that can be run in parallel. Imagine it as a ticket given whenever a transaction "​enters"​ the HTTP processor. When the tickets are all given out, the next transaction has to wait. When a transaction is finished and leaves, it gives up its semaphore and so the next transaction may run. 
 +Even though the number of available semaphores may be exhausted occasionally,​ it may not impact service if the transactions are quick to finish and subsequent ones can run. However, if your system continuously runs out of semaphores, it may be time to increase the number of available semaphores. Since semaphores are shared among all transaction types including UI and web services, you also have an option to allocate specific semaphore sets for specific transaction types, for example allocating a specific semaphore set for SOAP transactions will not exhaust the Default semaphore used for UI and hence impact UI usability.
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