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 +=====Worker Queue=====
 +Users can view the Trend and % Change of the Average Worker Queue Mean Time for today and within the last hour.  See an example of the UI below.
 +A Worker Queue is an internal ServiceNow queueing mechanism for scheduling tasks to be executed in intervals or at a certain time. Scheduled Jobs are jobs or tasks that are placed in a worker queue to be picked up by a targeted worker process to execute.
 +When a particular job in the queue is taking a long time to execute or when the number of jobs in the queue are increasing faster than they can be executed, the mean duration of the queue will increase. ServiceNow instances are normally provisioned by default with 8 workers to cater to the worker queue. The values being indicated by the charts are an average of all the worker queue'​s mean duration. When all of the workers are busy or take a long time, the mean duration of the worker queue will increase. A steadily increasing worker queue mean duration usually indicates a problem where jobs are being queued faster than they can be handled.
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