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 +===== View Trend Chart Data as Percentages =====
 +So as to allow easier viewing of many attributes on the same trend chart as well as provide more ways to analyze the data, the ability to display trend chart data as percentages has been added.
 +This feature is toggled on and off with the "​%"​ button and when toggled on, all trend chart attribute data will be displayed on the same y-axis as percentages of each attribute'​s maximum value in the chart'​s data range e.g. a "SQL selects (Averaged)"​ data point will be its value as a percentage of the maximum "SQL selects (Averaged)"​ value in the chart'​s data range.
 +Because this feature and the Y-Axis Lock option both use only one y-axis, the two features will toggle off of each other such that when one is active the other is automatically toggled off.  For example, if the Y-Axis Lock option is currently active and the "​%"​ button is pressed to toggle on this feature, the Y-Axis Lock option will then be automatically toggled off.
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