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The date range dropdown determines the range of data to be displayed in the problem chart going back from present time. The options currently available are:

The default option when the Problem page is first loaded is for “1 Day” so that one day of data going back from present time will be loaded into the chart. This way if you notice a trend you want to research further, you can then choose the larger range options to view this data and see if this is something that has been a trend for some time or is new and then act accordingly.

Note the data displayed is generally average values over intervals (five minute intervals for the “1 Day” option, 30 minute intervals for “1 Week” and 60 minute intervals for “1 Month”) as plotting all the raw data in the chart can cause performance issues and hamper the user experience. Raw data can be plotted in the chart if desired, please see Raw Data for more information on this option.

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