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The Observer user interface hosted by Perspectium allows for monitoring and trending of ServiceNow performance metrics. For any questions, please contact support.

User Authentication

Log-in is required to use Observer. When you visit your ServiceNow instance's Observer, you will be presented with the login screen:

You will receive your user credentials upon set up. For additional users please contact support.

Observer UI Pages


The Overview section gives a quick look of how the instance is performing


The Monitor section is the first page you will see when opening up Observer and provides an overview of alerts on your ServiceNow instance.

In v3.9.0, high, medium and low alert lists will display the “extra” field containing extra information related to the alert as pertinent.


The Trend section allows you to trend data received from your ServiceNow instance.


In the Server section of Observer, customers can view trends and percentage change of the server. See the following section for additional details.

In v3.11.0, the Server page was removed since it is not currently being used.

User Experience

In v3.11.0, the User Experience page was removed since it is not currently being used.


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