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On every Observer UI page, you will find the following information to provide you with details about Observer and your ServiceNow instance.

Observer for ServiceNow Instance Attributes

Because there may be times when you are using Observer and want to find out more details on your ServiceNow instance without actually going to it, Observer provides a way to quickly view this information.

In the top right-hand corner of any Observer page there is a link with the name of the instance. Clicking on this link will open your ServiceNow instance in a new web page but if you hover over this link, a box will then display with details on your ServiceNow instance:

2015/01/08 14:17 · Paul Nguyen


Next to the instance link you will find a “dashboard” link:

The dashboard link takes you to the Perspectium Dashboard, which provides a dashboard view of your Perspectium products and services, including key Observer monitoring metrics (such as any Observer alerts and the server response time for your ServiceNow instances) as well as Replicator throughput for your instances and agents for both sharing and subscribing data.

If you do not see the link in your Observer, please contact to request the Dashboard be set up as it will need to be created first for this link to be active.

As of v3.20.0 if a user has multiple instances of the same family, a dropdown menu will take the place of the instance link. Any instance in the current family can be switched to from this menu. If there is only one instance in the family, only that instance will be displayed. With this change the instance attributes tooltip has been moved to the observer logo on the left hand side of the screen.

In v3.11.0, you will find the new navigation menu for accessing Observer pages in the top right corner next to the “dashboard” link. This has replaced the tabular navigation system from previous releases.

Time Zone

Your current timezone is displayed on the lower right

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