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 +====== Attachment Customizations ======
 +==== Attachments ====
 +To ensure that duplicate attachments are not sent out in an incident, a "​tag"​ should be created on attachments. This way, when a record is updated and attachments are queried for that record to embed, it will ignore attachments that have been sent and are "​tagged"​.
 +To setup a tag:
 +1.Create a tag in the "​label"​ table (type "​label.list"​ in the Filter Navigator box to quickly go to the label table):
 +Use a unique name such as "​msp_client_sent"​ or "​msp_client_incident_sent"​ to ensure this tag is not used by other MSP or SIAM integrations.
 +2.Go to the Perspectium > Control and Configuration > Table Maps and open the outbound common document format table map (such as "​Incident to Common Incident"​)
 +3.Open the field map that begins with "​${TM:​psp_attachment"​
 +4.In this field map, replace the default tag such as "​msp_client_incident_sent"​ with the name of the tag you created in step one
 +5.Go to the Import Set table (type in "​u_psp_common_incident.list"​ in the Filter Navigator box) and click on the "​Transform maps" UI action
 +6.Open the common document format table transform map (such as "PSP Common Incident to Incident"​) and then go to the "​Transform Scripts"​ section: ​
 +7.Open up the attachment transform script and change the default tag such as "​msp_client_incident_sent"​ to the tag created in step one.  Note, keep the ""​ around the tag when you replace it here.  For example, if your tag is named **mycompany_sent**,​ change "​msp_client_incident_sent"​ to "​mycompanysent":​
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