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Previous Agent Releases

May 27th 2016 3.9.0 fixed: issue with column type mismatch upon replication to Database Replicator Agent
enhancement: proper handling of long Table and Column names for replication to Oracle DB Replicator Agent
enhancement: increased security of information in the logs Replicator Agent
enhancement: simplified the handling of column name mappings to make maintenance and availability easier Replicator Agent
April 22nd 2016 3.8.0 enhancement: provide support for creating tables which contain the 'long' data type added in the ServiceNow version Geneva SQL Subscriber
fixed: ensure that all resources are released when shutting down the agent. Replicator Agent
enhancement: added the validate_certificate attribute to all connection directives to disable validation of the X509 Certificate when using the https scheme. Replicator Agent
enhancement: Enabled additional configuration of the connection and other HttpClient timers and controls. Replicator Agent
enhancement: Implemented initial support of the new 'long' data type introduced in the ServiceNow Geneva release. SQL Subscriber
enhancement: support for installing third-party libraries Replicator Agent
enhancement: support for subscribing to messages with a specific key Replicator Agent
March 30th 2016 3.7.0 enhancement: security is enhanced for configuration file encryption feature by Specifying encryption key for encrypting configuration fields Replicator Agent
enhancement: handling of daemon threads has been improved to ensure proper termination when the stop method is called. Replicator Agent
enhancement: added the ability to encrypt the contents of the agent.xml configuration file on Windows using 'dpapi'. Specifying encryption key for encrypting dpapi configuration fields Replicator Agent
enhancement: added support for authenticating to a proxy using either basic authentication or NTLM. Configuring Replicator to leverage a Proxy Replicator Agent
fixed: replication of a table row when the size of a column has been increased. SQLSubscriber
March 15th 2016 3.6.1 fixed: Agent returns a SQLSubscriber error when replicating a larger dictionary value of a ServiceNow field SQLSubscriber
fixed: Agent returns a SQLTableStructure error when replicating a larger dictionary from two different ServiceNow instances SQLSubscriber
March 8th 2016 3.6.0 fixed: ensure proper processing of both service now and salesforce source data against multiple target database servers Replicator Agent
enhancement: duplicate named tasks will continue to run instead of throwing an error Replicator Agent
fixed: table action invalid identifier error when adding a column to source table SQLSubscriber
fixed: SQL statement errors when multiple agent tasks are running against same table using plugins SQLSubscriber
February 15th 2016 3.5.0 fixed: heartbeat thread now runs as a daemon to facilitate shutdown Replicator Agent
fixed: ensure proper replication of a ServiceNow view when only a single pseudo primary key exists. SQLSubscriber
enhancement: Agent now provides the command setLogging which provides the ability to dynamically enable or disable detailed logging without needing to restart the agent. Replicator Agent
enhancement: Performance and management messages are now sent asynchronously instead of serially with payload (replication) messages which are the priority. Replicator Agent
fixed: ensure proper state after closing of a connection. Replicator Agent
fixed: ensure wrapper library does not start when the Replicator is started via the SDK. SDK
enhancement: eliminated use of the conf/config.xml configuration file. Replicator Agent
fixed: ensure default type of non-schema defined columns is string with a length of 250. SQLSubscriber
fixed: removed public access to the Replicator class to prevent accidental use by SDK users who should be using ReplicatorAgent SDK
enhancement: optimized connection timeout handling when connecting to the Message Bus. Replicator Agent
February 9th 2016 3.4.4 fixed: SetFetchSize to work with all DB drivers SQL Agent
February 3rd 2016 3.4.2 fixed: test for primary key > 0 to handle views with multiple keys that have pseudo sys_ids with no value SQL Agent
January 26th 2016 3.4.1 fixed: SQL Server specific method of limiting rows returned for a select causing slow data processing SQL Agent
January 25th 2016 3.4.0 fixed: columns created in Oracle are the same case as created in ServiceNow. SQL Agent
fixed: unknown column issue in Oracle when adding new columns to table in ServiceNow. SQL Agent
fixed: data error when agent unable to obtain table schema Replicator Agent
fixed: agent configuration file set to “http:” rather than “https:” for ServiceNow URL in instance_connection Replicator Installer
enhancement: validate input of “https:” in Perspectium Cloud Server and ServiceNow instance fields to prevent duplicates Replicator Installer
enhancement: default to “” in the Perspectium Cloud Server field Replicator Installer
January 5th 2016 3.3.0 fixed: dynamic creation of columns. SQLSubscriber
fixed: Corrected consistency problem with the SQLSubscriberIODateTimePlugin setting the date and time properly based upon the SQL action against the target table. SQLSubscriber Agent Plugin
enhancement: Unknown source data types will default to a character type instead of being omitted SQL Agent
enhancement: support for excluding columns from being replicated SQL Agent
enhancement: support for replicating database views from ServiceNow SQL Agent
enhancement: Subscriber Task Message Level Filter filters all messages subscribed to by an agent's subscriber task based on values in topic, type, or keyReplicator Agent
enhancement: string fields larger than 251 characters will be created as CLOB fields SQL Agent
enhancement: for string values less than 252 characters, if the value is larger what is defined by its schema, they will be truncated instead of generating an error SQL Agent
enhancement: floating point and integer values that contain commas (,) will be corrected to remove the comma before updating the field SQL Agent
fixed: name and key fields not showing the correct values when agent shares records SQL Agent
October 19th 2015 3.2.5 feature: support the overriding of date and time format using the date_format and date_time_format <task> configuration directives. SQL Agent
feature: share VMware vSphere objects to ServiceNow vSphere Replicator
feature: share to RabbitMQ RabbitMQ Replicator
August 13th 2015 3.2.4 feature: all password fields are masked for security Replicator Installer
feature: passwords entered require matching to prevent user input error Replicator Installer
feature: support for replicator plugin framework The Replicator Plugin Framework File Agent
enhancement: support for saving records as XML File Replicator File Agent
July 15th 2015 3.2.3 enhancement: support for Multiple Encryption Modes SQL Agent
fixed: ignore SQL column values that contain a JSON Array SQL Agent
fixed: modified processing of table existence validation to ensure minimal connections to the database are required SQL Agent
enhancement: added configuration directive <skip_column_expansion> to disable the now default behaviour of growing a column to it's max size if it's great than 1000 bytes in length Agent Configuration
enhancement: added support for the new ServiceNow internal type SCHEDULE_DATE_TIMESQL Agent
enhancement: added <ensure_table_exists> configuration directive to ensure the table exists explicitlySQL Agent Configuration
enhancement: modified SQL Agent to catch the failure of a call to get the database meta data and then create the table if the proper table missing code and state as defined in databases.xml is true.SQL Agent
fixed: SQL Share only configurations do not require <skip_database_creation> directive anymore Agent Configuration
Apr 29th 2015 3.1.15 enhancement: SQLShare support for Epoc last modified datetime SQL Agent
enhancement: SQLShare support for timezone offset in last modified datetime SQL Agent
fixed: clob field replication in SQLShare SQL Agent
Apr 13th 2015 3.1.14 fix: agent name added to in wrapper.conf Replicator Installer
enhancement: remove include/exclude section in agent.xml for SQL ReplicatorReplicator Installer
fixed: dynamic table creation if table dropped since agent started SQL Agent
Apr 2nd 2015 3.1.13 enhancement: installer supports configuration of file sharer and subscriberReplicator Installer
fixed: installer missing configuration element for Solarwinds directory shareAggregator Installer
fixed: interval counts in wrapper.log for bytes processed and number of records.Replicator Agent
fixed: connection time-out issue on MySQL create table.Replicator
Mar 31st 2015 3.1.12enhancement: installer removes previous /jars directory and performs field validations, pre-acknowledge EULAReplicator Installer
enhancement: agent configuration file cleanup. Defaults values instead of requiring most configuration settings.Agent Configuration
enhancement: added support for the <database_sid> configuration directive which provides SID based access to an Oracle database versus the default support of a Service Name. SQL Agent
Mar 10th 2015 3.1.9 fixed: determining the preexistence of a table. SQL Agent
enhancement: added <lowercase_columns> and <uppercase_columns> configuraton directives within databases.xml which enable forcing of the column to a configured case. See: Column CaseSQL Agent
enhancement: added the ability to define Java plugins which are called prior to a row being replicated to the destination table. See: Agent PluginsSQL Agent
enhancement: added the ability to define additional columns that will be dynamically added to all target tables. See: Dynamic ColumnsSQL Agent
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