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Date Released Version Changelog
September 30th 2016 3.14.0 fixed: trend attributes dropdown stays on screen when changing to different page
fixed: observer page menu stays at current location when resizing page
September 2nd 2016 3.13.0 fixed: unable to login after an unsuccessful login
fixed: resizing issues with alert count charts on Monitor page when trend charts expanded
enhancement: added new requirements for user passwords
feature: custom alerts can now be tested
fixed: changing Observer password causes issues with ServiceNow connecting to MBS
August 15th 2016 3.12.0fixed: events no longer return flag as “undefined” and now display “Extra” field
feature: added the email digest feature
fixed: the menu will no longer open until the page is refreshed
fixed: page resizing issue after accessing the Options menu in the Monitor page
July 15th 2016 3.11.0 enhancement: new navigation menu for accessing Observer pages
enhancement: removed Server, User Experience, Queues, Sessions and Customer Updates pages not currently being used
June 17th 2016 3.10.0 fixed: custom alerts description not showing in monitor page's Alert Lists
fixed: custom alert names not restricted to strictly letters, numbers and “_”
fixed: monitor showing “null” for extra field in alert lists
feature: support for changing themes in settings
fixed: alert emails showing instance URLs as “” instead of “”
May 27th 2016 3.9.0 change: error messages now appear in red
change: required columns are now followed by “*”
enhancement: display “extra” field in high, medium and low alert lists on monitor page
April 22nd 2016 3.8.0 fixed: trend page selected calendar date now loads properly with correct error messages
fixed: in trend tab, wide date ranges now display correctly
fixed: new records can no longer be created with empty fields
fixed: the “please select option from the list” message is now displayed correctly
fixed: login issue after changing password
March 30th 2016 3.7.0 enhancement: faster loading of trend chart when selecting 1 month or 1 week date range
fixed: in alert configurations, custom events now have required name and type fields
March 8th 2016 3.6.0 fixed: server page graphs not showing data
February 15th 2016 3.5.0 fixed: double quotes and backslashes in alert descriptions
January 25th 2016 3.4.0 change: removed the Login Required feature
feature: right-click context menu to edit or delete alert configurations descriptions
January 5th 2016 3.3.0 enhancement: support downloading trend chart data as CSV and XLS
feature: added the ability to assign links to flags on the Trend Chart
enhancement: time zone is now displayed on all pages of the Observer
enhancement: customized trend groups and combo box selection in alphabetic order
enhancement: a pop-up confirmation window appears when attempting to delete a record
fixed: login only accepts alphanumeric and email formats
enhancement: right click to edit descriptions in alert configurations
enhancement: “Release History” link at bottom of Observer pages to link to Observer Releases
October 19th 2015 3.2.5 enhancement: moved Revert Trend Groups to Trend Groups Settings page
enhancement: trend chart auto refresh off by default when loading page
fixed: check for valid username or email address when logging in
August 13th 2015 3.2.4 feature: export alert configurations in CSV format
June 30th 2015 3.2.3 minor bug fixes
June 3rd 2015 3.2.2 fixed: alert flags placed at wrong timestamp on trend charts
enhancement: flags selected in trend chart will be maintained for the same session
May 8th 2015 3.2.1 enhancement: by default when navigating to the Trend chart, only H, M, L alert flags will be selected, this is to reduce clutter
enhancement: out of semaphore alert has been de-sensitized to occur only when 2 or more times detected over 5 minutes per node
fixed: data point timestamp was incorrectly set as time arrived at Observer, vs. time detected
April 29th 2015 3.2.0 feature: custom alerts
February 11th 2015 3.1.7 feature: requiring login
January 15th 2015 2.0g feature: authentication required for Settings
feature: raw data option on trend page
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