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Previous Update Set Releases

Date Released Version Changelog Product
July 19 2017 3.24.0 feature: added “Delete error messages” button on the Outbound Messages table. Replicator
fixed: messages routed through a JSON Table Map will now properly decrypt when selecting “Decrypt Value” Core
fixed: addressed issue where database IO timeout can prevent Schedule Sync Up from re-scheduling Core
enhancement: attachments are now processed in their own outbound queue and can be sent at a lower priority. Replicator
enhancement: properties page can be saved without a decryption key. Replicator
feature: the user can no longer purge a queue containing more than 1 million records. Replicator
enhancement: encode json messages and attributes fields to prevent MBS decoding issues. Core
enhancement: dynamic share includes the option to share all child tables. Replicator
enhancement: ability to delete cancelled bulk shares Replicator
feature: share display values for duration fields Replicator
feature: optimized performance by using GlideRecord.get('sys_id', value) in refresh history set Replicator
feature: distribute bulk share workload Replicator
fixed: attachments added before record inserted sharing out to all dynamic shares and bypassing any conditions Replicator
feature: ability to define alert and warning thresholds for queue connectivity issues and backlog of records to monitor queues Core
feature: after share script in dynamic shares Replicator
fixed: added handling for Refresh History Set on tables which throw exceptions Replicator
feature: run a bulk share in dynamic shares Replicator
enhancement: added a table for users to see replicator performance stats Replicator
fixed: values from subscribed SalesForce messages were blank when no cipher attribute or going into inbound table maps Replicator
enhancement: don't rename finish install module after install to avoid confusion when running on next update set install Core
feature: users can select column updates that will be ignored by dynamic share Core
feature: table to compare record counts between database and servicenow instance counts Core
enhancement: include update_synch attribute for u_psp_table_map and u_psp_table_field_map tables to allow saving changes for table maps and take new SIAM updates Core
enhancement: require at least one action (create, insert, delete or activate sync) when saving a dynamic share or subscribe configuration Replicator
enhancement: “Reset Dynamic Share Rules” module will reset Delete Audit Listeners Replicator
feature: added the ability to pass in encoded queries into MultiOutput Processing to specify a subset of messages to send, allowing the use of multiple posting jobs Replicator
feature: display total records processed by a bulk share Replicator
feature: a specific user can now be set to run a schedule sync up dynamic share Replicator
fixed: Scheduled Sync Up now honors the sharing the child vs base table Replicator
fixed: error instantiating PerspectiumBulkShare with psp_bulk_share GlideRecord Replicator
fixed: deleting a Dynamic Share will now delete the Delete Audit Listener Business Rule as necessary Replicator
fixed: “Delete Monitor Messages” button on the Outbound Messages table modified to “Delete Non Replicator Messages” Replicator
fixed: Handling for the column “u_limit_number_of_records_shared” when the column name is truncated Replicator
October 25th 2017 3.21.3 enhancement: honor before share script ignore for dynamic sharing of attachments Replicator
fixed: disabled message set outbound processing to prevent jakarta memory issues Replicator
June 15th 2017 3.21.2 fixed: attachments not sharing out on dynamic shares with conditions Replicator
fixed: added handling for Refresh History Set on tables which throw exceptions Replicator
May 22nd 2017 3.21.1 fixed: PerspectiumMessage script include moved back to the core update set Core
May 11th 2017 3.21.0 feature: set bulk share's scheduled job priority Replicator
enhancement: PSPSchemaProcessor supports returning output as a string Replicator
enhancement: moved finish install to its own script include Core
enhancement: improved performance of Bulk Share's “Include All Child Tables” Replicator
fixed: stopped GlideDuration and GlideDateTime columns being nulled out when incoming payload does not contain those columns Replicator
fixed: stopped the creation of blank journal field entries when copy empty fields selected Replicator
April 18th 2017 3.20.0 enhancement: added the ability to run a before subscribe script before the processing of a delete Replicator
enhancement: when deleting a Shared Queue warn the user of any existing messages which would get deleted due to cascade delete rules Replicator
fixed: duplicate sys_audit_delete business rules being created when selecting use audit delete listener on dynamic share Replicator
fixed: replicator inbound processor scheduled job set inactive Replicator
enhancement: refresh history set will run as one scheduled job instead of one job for each refresh Replicator
fixed: Scheduled Sync Up to stop spawning duplicate jobs if the Scheduler does not launch the first one in time Replicator
fixed: hide the reset dynamic share rules UI Action on subscribe configurations Replicator
fixed: removed update_synch attribute from psp_replicate_conf, u_psp_table_map and u_psp_dynamic_share_referenced tables Core
feature: ability to set conditions for a dynamic share to share records, using different table maps, to different target queues by using conditional shares Replicator
enhancement: removed unused “instance” field from queue forms Replicator
March 27th 2017 3.19.0 enhancement: clearer scheduled sync up info messages to avoid user confusion when activated/deactivated Replicator
enhancement: check outbound table is indexed and display message if not in finish install and bulk share preview Replicator
fixed: output processing of default queues not querying correctly Core
enhancement: default refresh history set option to not selected when creating a new subscribe configuration Replicator
feature: purge queue for shared and subscribed queues Replicator
feature: users can enable a prompt to appear before a large bulk Replicator
feature: include recommended indexes Replicator
enhancement: users can share sys_audit records without selecting sys_journal records with their parent table Replicator
enhancement: share and subscribe queues default to queue definitions from Perspectium Properties Replicator
enhancement: scheduled bulk shares now keep track of previous executions using the related list Bulk Share History Replicator
enhancement: default subscribe queue is now visible as non-configurable queue in the Subscribed Queues list Replicator
enhancement: log error and prevent resolved table map fields with data larger than ServiceNow 16mb string limit Replicator
enhancement: left align properties UI page's header Core
enhancement: include u_psp_alert and u_psp_imp_alert tables in update set to prevent logging errors Core
fixed: modified how the conditions of the Dynamic Share's Business Rule are created to account for recursive Business Rule execution and avoid the error message popup Replicator
February 16th 2017 3.18.0 enhancement: display if queue doesn't exist when checking queue status Replicator
feature: display queue statuses on replicator overview homepage Replicator
fixed: incorrect preview count for bulk share when sharing by sys ids Replicator
fixed: display values for choice list fields have incorrect max length Replicator
enhancement: display properties page using jQuery instead of Jelly to avoid compatibility issues with some instances Core
enhancement: updated read/write roles for homepage to be perspectium user Replicator
enhancement: acl update set created for read roles for Perspectium UI pages to be perspectium user Core
February 7th 2017 3.17.2 fixed: Perspectium tables created with empty labels on Geneva+ instances during first time install Core
January 27th 2017 3.17.1 fixed: removed queues module and duplicate entries in update set causing errors when upgrading Core
January 20th 2017 3.17.0 enhancement: check parent global object is accessible in delete this share's messages Replicator
enhancement: check bulk share exists before updating records processed to prevent inserting new bulk share records Replicator
enhancement: prevent deleting of bulk share configurations unless status is empty or completed so new bulk share records are not inserted on update Replicator
fixed: attachments not sharing out on dynamic shares with conditions Replicator
feature: replicator overview homepage Replicator
feature: users can limit number of records shared on a bulk share Replicator
fixed: no longer able to publish to the default subscribe queue Replicator
June 13th 2017 3.16.3 fixed: attachments added before record inserted sharing out to all dynamic shares and bypassing any conditions Replicator
February 1st 2017 3.16.2 fixed: attachments not sharing out on dynamic shares with conditions Replicator
January 27th 2017 3.16.1 fixed: removed u_psp_alerts.u_value and duplicate entries in update set causing errors when upgrading Core
December 14th 2016 3.16.0 enhancement: all Perspectium properties stored in custom Perspectium properties table and not system properties table Core
enhancement: replicator properties moved to its own properties page Replicator
enhancement: data cleaner job now only deletes outbound messages older than 15 minutes Core
enhancement: script fields modified to field type script which accepts JavaScript code input for easier editing, syntax checking, and formatting Replicator
feature: finish install module to finish installing update set Core
feature: added ability to “Run another bulk share like this” on bulk shares that have already been completed Replicator
feature: added ability to “Execute Again” on bulk shares that have already been completed Replicator
fixed: dynamic share records as “.bulk” when business rule when set to async Replicator
enhancement: dynamic share displays a warning message at the top of the form when business rule when set to async Replicator
feature: property to limit number of messages put into outbound Core
feature: display update set version number on properties page Core
removed zero configuration Core
enhancement: ability to create multiple dynamic shares on the same table and queue Replicator
feature: multiple queues cannot have matching names and endpoint urls Replicator
enhancement: check and warn if application is not in global scope in finish install Core
enhancement: access the inbound message in subscribe's condition script using “qcurrent” Replicator
feature: run bulk shares and scheduled bulk shares relative to a previous share Replicator
enhancement: message set messages placed into outbound queue instead of directly sending to MBS Replicator
February 1st 2017 3.15.1 fixed: attachments not sharing out on dynamic shares with conditions Replicator
October 28th 2016 3.15.0 fixed: removed “delete” ui actions that may cause conflicts as noted in ServiceNow's ACE report Core
feature: “add all referenced fields” option on dynamic share when "Include referenced field records" is selected Replicator
enhancement: updated list of Perspectium tables in the clone exclusion list Replicator
feature: observer disabled by default and installs with its own update set Observer
enhancement: shares now display a message at the top of the form if there are no log or outbound messages Replicator
fixed: wrong display value when choice field is dependent on another field Replicator
fixed: attachments not replicating when attached before new record submitted Replicator
enhancement: prevent duplicate share fields from being selected Replicator
enhancement: ability to filter records on subscribe using a before subscribe script Replicator
fixed: make business rule order mandatory on saving dynamic share configs to avoid errors creating/updating share business rules Replicator
fixed: saving a bulk share redirects to bulk share preview page Replicator
fixed: Replicator Configurations default to 'share' now to fix issue with creating Shares in related lists Replicator
fixed: now able to add referenced fields to different dynamic shares of the same table nameReplicator
September 30th 2016 3.14.0 fixed: use audit delete listener not sharing deleted records for child tables of a base table dynamic share Replicator
enhancement: delete this share messages option for delete a bulk/dynamic share's messages in the outbound queue Replicator
fixed: display of related lists for share only selected fields for dynamic shareReplicator
fixed: “Update or Insert” button sets the fields “Update” and “Create” to true and read-onlyReplicator
enhancement: Component types in message set activity now use a more understandable label Replicator
feature: "Run as" option in bulk shares Replicator
fixed: NullPointerException when refresh history set selected for tables that do not need itReplicator
enhancement: “Create a new bulk share like this one” option will copy fields specified in share fields over to new bulk share Replicator
feature: bulk share preview Replicator
September 2nd 2016 3.13.0 feature: specify table fields to share for a dynamic or bulk share Replicator
enhancement: log url on outbound message processing errorsCore
enhancement: message set activity no longer loads on form load to decrease load time and clicking “View message set activity” now loads in a pop up windowReplicator
fixed: ServiceNow subscribers not receiving journal fields when shared records from another ServiceNow instance were sent with business rule whenReplicator
fixed: inactive fields are not shared when sharing display values is activeReplicator
enhancement: option added to test connection and shared/subscribed queues to test queue connection and get number of messages in queueReplicator
enhancement: turned on auditing by default for psp_replicate_conf (share/subscribe configurations) and u_psp_queues (shared/subscribed queues) tablesCore
feature: troubleshooting report to send Support Core
August 15th 2016 3.12.0 fixed: access issues on system event and script tables (such as sysevent_email_action ) for other users when installing the update set Core
fixed: copy empty fields clears out a table field in the subscribing instance when incoming record does not contain the fieldReplicator
feature: Perspectium update set version number saved for supportCore
enhancement: copy empty fields selected by default when creating a new subscribe configurationReplicator
July 15th 2016 3.11.0

This version will no longer share audit log records by default when selecting the include journal fields option as you will need to manually select “Include audit log” to share these records. See here for more info

fixed: bulk sharing database views only sharing 1001 recordsReplicator
enhancement: separate include audit log option when selecting to include journal fieldsReplicator
enhancement: during Dynamic Share, limit the number of journal entries and audit log entries that get shared. See here for detailReplicator
enhancement: enable dynamically shared journal field records to be shared in background to mitigate performance of insert/updatesReplicator
fixed: unable to receive records when the table specified in source table name doesn't exist and there is a before subscribe scriptReplicator
fixed: installing table compare causes Observer UI link to not work Table Compare
fixed: access issues on sysauto_script table for other users when installing the update setCore
June 17th 2016 3.10.0

For installing 3.10.0+ over a version of the Perspectium Update Set prior to 3.10.0, please run Reset Dynamic Share Rules

feature: added the ability to run dynamic share as asyncReplicator
fixed: use audit delete listener not sending out delete messagesReplicator
enhancement: separate encryption and decryption keys can now be specified on the shared queue and subscribed queue level Replicator
fixed: table compare script include not importing correctly due to duplicate entries in update set Table Compare
fixed: installing table compare causes “Script Include” to be listed under “Replicator” Table Compare
May 27th 2016 3.9.0 fixed: share only sys ids listed not sending any records in scheduled bulk shares Replicator
fixed: message set activity not always showing a finished time for other components in bulk sharesReplicator
fixed: source table property on subscribe configuration not being honored when incoming record has sys_class_name fieldReplicator
feature: message set activity shows records shared and subscribed by ServiceNow instancesReplicator
fixed: subscribed queues not being processed when default Perspectium endpoint not availableReplicator
April 22nd 2016 3.8.0 feature: business rule when option to specify when dynamic share business rule will run Replicator
fixed: multiple dynamic shares for the same table were using the same replication business ruleReplicator
fixed: unable to add a new dynamic share without a target queue if a dynamic share already exists for the table with a target queueReplicator
enhancement: display records agent skipped in message set activityReplicator
enhancement: display cipher warning message for AES128 in dynamic and bulk sharesReplicator
feature: support resolving a field in a table map as another table mapReplicator
April 11th 2016 3.7.1 fixed: ignoring a share in the before share script not honoring ignore variable Replicator
March 30th 2016 3.7.0 enhancement: moved com.perspectium.follow.last_read_time and com.perspectium.outbound.last_past_sent_time properties to custom table to avoid team development collisions Core
fixed: message set activity displays how many records instance has processed (“snc-processed”) and only displays one record for each set of unique component name and component type combinationReplicator
fixed: missing com.perspectium.replicator.add_display_values property when installing update setReplicator
fixed: empty or blank dv fields not being capturedReplicator
enhancement: encodeMessageJSON() function in PerspectiumMessage API Core
fixed: null “action” in update message set activity business rule Replicator
March 14th 2016 3.6.1 fixed: corrected failures related to update set installationCore
March 10th 2016 3.6.0 enhancement: scheduled bulk shares will clear out the Share only Sys IDs listed related list each time they runReplicator
feature: ignoring a share in the before share script allows programmatic canceling of the current record being dynamically or bulk sharedReplicator
feature: before/after bulk share script to cancel bulk share and run script before it runs and after it completesReplicator
feature: PerspectiumBulkShare API to reference a bulk share configuration's glide record Core
fixed: message set activity table access not setup for perspectium roleReplicator
feature: PerspectiumMessage API to queue messages in outbound messagesCore
enhancement: message set activity refreshed on dynamic/bulk share form loadReplicator
fixed: message set activity started, finished and updated date/times showing incorrect value (“1970-01-01 00:00:00” UTC) when they don't have a valueReplicator
enhancement: outbound messages and log messages related lists will not be shown on dynamic or bulk shares if they don't have any recordsReplicator
enhancement: display error message on bulk/dynamic share load when message set activity has failuresReplicator
enhancement: message set activity duration, successes and failures are summed to provide total values for eachReplicator
enhancement: use queryNoDomain() instead of get() for better performance with querying large (>100k records) tablesReplicator
enhancement: support setting attributes in table field mapsReplicator
February 15th 2016 3.5.0 enhancement: new property to restrict replicated fields to selected table only Replicator
January 28th 2016 3.4.1 fixed: state info field not created on outbound messages table causing update set installation errorCore
fixed: observeNodes not running to send out all Observer metricsObserver
fixed: include history set not sending to a bulk share's target queueReplicator
January 25th 20163.4.0 feature: message set activity on dynamic and bulk share configurationsReplicator
January 28th 2016 3.3.0-patch4 fixed: observeNodes not running to send out all Observer metricsObserver
fixed: include history set not sending to a bulk share's target queueReplicator
January 27th 2016 3.3.0-patch3 fixed: state info field not created on outbound messages table causing update set installation errorCore
January 19th 2016 3.3.0-patch2 fixed: remove extraneous field from dynamic share formReplicator
January 12th 2016 3.3.0-patch1 fixed: include all child tables sharing base table's records instead of sharing child recordsReplicator
January 5th 2016 3.3.0 fixed: dynamic sharing of attachments did not account for filter conditionsReplicator
fixed: scheduled bulk share not executing its bulk sharesReplicator
feature: bulk share and dynamic share configurations will now have related lists of related log messages and related outbound or inbound messagesReplicator
fixed: emitting sys_translated_text and html field records is working again (broken in 3.2.7) Replicator
fixed: Source Table value was not honored in Subscribe configuration Replicator
enhancement: ServiceNow Data Preservers created for Dynamic and Bulk Share configurations as well as Shared and Subscribed QueuesReplicator
fixed: include referenced field records functionality will no longer send empty records when there is no referenced record (INC-348)Replicator
enhancement: attributes field in outbound messages for sending on-demand messagesReplicator
enhancement: support for class name changes when replicating between ServiceNow instancesReplicator
fixed: include referenced field records not working on ServiceNow instances with EurekaReplicator
fixed: error updating records in tables that have a column with the name “update” when replicating between ServiceNow instancesReplicator
enhancement: AES encryption/decryptionReplicator
enhancement: all Perspectium script includes are listed in a link under the Control and Configuration sectionCore
enhancement: warning will display for an inactive target queue when creating a new bulk share with the “Create a new bulk share like this one” optionReplicator
November 6th 2015 3.2.9 fixed: shared queues not showing up in replicator dashboardDashboard
fixed: NullPointerException during History Set refreshReplicator
enhancement: enable queueing large records (more than 10MB) for OutboundReplicator
enhancement: updateWhere support in DBCommandAPIReplicator
enhancement: log error for Error Notifications when MultiOutput Processing job tries to send outbound messages older than 10 minutesCore
fixed: subscriber job not processing remaining subscribed queues when error occurs processing one subscribed queueReplicator
enhancement: added “Semaphore wait time”, “Session wait time”, “Transaction processing time”, and “Total wait time” to Follow TransactionsReplicator
October 14th 2015 3.2.8enhancement: support for domain separated querying (queryNoDomain) is now supported and triggered by the ServiceNow property “glide.sys.restrict_global_domain_processes” set to true. Domains Visible to Users in the Global DomainReplicator
enhancement: access to the local glide record in Before subscribe script before updating with replicated messageReplicator
fixed: observer UI module now correctly directs to the domainObserver
feature: follow transactions can now follow any transaction specified by a condition on the Transaction Log tableObserver
enhancement: follow transactions now can specify a time range of 1 week. This allows for a longer analysis window to be created yet safe guards against forgotten configurations that may degrade performance over timeObserver
feature: delete outbound messages allows an administrator to selectively delete all, monitor, or replicator outbound messagesReplicator
feature: bulk share only specific sys IDs from a tableReplicator
feature: create bulk share on target instance with missing locally recordsTable Compare
feature: import set tables for vSphere Replicator Share AgentReplicator
fixed: first subscribe configuration being used when multiple subscribe configurations for the same table/source table name with different conditions existReplicator
feature: create table compare from subscribe configurations list viewTable Compare
feature: share embedded images and videosReplicator
September 15th 20153.2.7 patch3 feature: cancel running Compare Rows jobTable Compare
feature: use audit delete listener option on dynamic share now allows you to capture record deletes that are missed because an upstream business rule had setWorkflow set to falseReplicator
feature: scheduled sync up section allows setting up a scheduled interval to continuously sync up or send bulk shares during that interval of records that have been added or changed. This allows to capture records that have been missed because business rules are not triggered due to customizations.Replicator
enhancement: import records missing locally will also import a record's audit records, journal field entries and attachmentsTable Compare
enhancement: Interactive Only support for dynamic shares to allow limiting replication to records changed via the UI. Also allows specifying the order of the replication business rule.Replicator
enhancement: background job to clean up row discrepancy table of old records to improve performanceTable Compare
August 24th 2015 3.2.6 fixed: cyrillic characters (such as Russian) were not replicating properly on updated recordsReplicator
feature: dynamic share now has the ability to include reference field recordsReplicator
feature: import records missing locallyTable Compare
August 7th 2015 3.2.5 fixed: connection leak when gathering stats for Observer using self post URL to stats.doObserver
feature: support for a Global Subscribe definition that subscribes to all tables.Replicator
August 3rd 2015 3.2.4 patch2 fixed: decrypt value returning undefined on Replicator messages in Messages > InboundReplicator
July 29th 2015 3.2.4 patch1 fixed: observer UI link incorrectly setObserver
fixed: base table subscribe configurations being referenced when receiving child table messages even though child table has its own subscribe configuration. Replicator
July 21st 2015 3.2.4 fixed: cyrillic characters (such as Russian) were not replicating properly.Replicator
enhancement: added field level ACL rules for Perspectium objects.Replicator
fixed: connection leak related to HTTPS POST of outbound data that caused hourly pauses of data transmission observed in Fuji release.Replicator
fixed: duplicate records were shared when both the base and child tables were defined in dynamic shares with option Share base table only for create, update, delete actionsReplicator
July 12th 2015 3.2.3 patch1 fixed: performance degradation was introduced in the automated translated text feature, it is fixed in this patch.Replicator
July 9 2015 3.2.3 fixed: dynamic post size calculation that limits the size of each data post by bytes in addition to the maximum number of records. This prevents errors when max records exceed a String maximum of 16MB. Defaults to 5MB, see Perspectium Properties.Replicator
feature: Error Notification allows you to configure an email to be sent when an error occursCore
feature: Multiple Encryption Modes are now supported. More importantly, the new encrypted_multibyte encryption mode supports sharing of multi-byte foreign language characters. requires Replicator Agent v3.2.3 or laterReplicator
feature: Translated Text fields will now generate their own separate sys_translated_text or sys_translated_html records during sharing, if you want to subscribe to the translated text values, you will have to subscribe to these tables separately.Replicator
fixed: attachments were being shared all the time whether or not it has been selected in Dynamic or Bulk SharingReplicator
feature: Outbound Table Map supports field level mapping for outbound replication.Replicator
fixed: missing slash (/) at the end of a Shared Queues Endpoint URL caused errors during data sharing/postingReplicator
fixed: the ability to Share Display Values has now been extended to include fields of type Glide ListsReplicator
May 21 2015 3.2.1 Fuji compatibility starts with this version fixed: subscriber message counts will not be sent on skipped messages Replicator
enhancement: Subscriber message byte counts will now be sentReplicator
feature: Zero ConfigurationReplicator/Observer
Apr 29 2015 3.1.14 enhancement: removed table rotation on psp_out_message (Outbound messages) and psp_in_message (Inbound messages) due to query delays as a result of inefficient unions across shardsReplicator
fixed: Replicator Configurations are no longer part of this update set to avoid collisions during upgradeReplicator
enhancement: output processing is optimized for a single “Perspectium MultiOuput Processing” scheduled job, its is no longer necessary nor valid to have more than 1Core
enhancement: logging is now done using a Perspectium specific table u_psp_log_message that is rotated and contains separation for debug, warning, and error types as well as for performance measuringCore
fixed: when encrypting records of data to be shared, security is no longer applied to restrict the fields that are shared based on the role of the user that triggers the sharing. Instead, customers should use Field Restriction using UI ViewsReplicator
fixed: when cleaning up the PSP Outbound Message queue, do not delete records of state processing which are still being sentReplicator
fixed: when glide.invalid_query.returns_no_rows property was set to true, Dynamic Share no longer worked. It is now fixed.Replicator
Apr 2nd 2015 3.1.13 enhancement: Perspectium tables and properties are now defined in the clone exclusion list so that they will not be overwritten by the ServiceNow instance cloning process. See ServiceNow system cloningReplicator
feature: Field Restriction using Views is now available to control the fields you want to dynamic or bulk shareReplicator
feature: Dynamic Share has a new option to share only the base table record, Share base table onlyReplicator
fixed: During subscribing of bulk input, the Before Script did not define the variable for qcurrent and would result in an errorReplicator
fixed: Multiple Dynamic Share can be defined as long as they each target a different target queueReplicator
Mar 31st 2015 3.1.12 fixed: Dynamic Share business rules now runs with order of “50” to avoid collision with other business rules that might be in place.Replicator
feature: Cancel bulk share now supportedReplicator
fixed: Scheduled Bulk Share now runs bulk shares in parallel using scheduled jobsReplicator
changed: Dynamic Share list now shows the list filterReplicator
Mar 25th 2015 3.1.11 fixed: When display values are disabled or set to false, an error is generated and record is not sharedReplicator
enhancement: Before Scripts in the subscribe direction now includes a repl_gr variable representing the incoming recordReplicator
fixed: Dynamic Share now supports updates from users who belong to a different DomainReplicator
changed: You can only create one Dynamic Share per table nameReplicator
changed: Dynamic Share will only work for User modified records, previously, programmatic updates will trigger sharing which is incorrectReplicator
fixed: When bulk sharing entire tables, the total number of records count was doubled erroneouslyReplicator
fixed: Inbound messages with “label” type were not being inserted into Alert Import Set tableObserver
Mar 14th 2015 3.1.10 fixed: Include child tables for Bulk Share would fail if if table does not have any extensionsReplicator
changed: Schedule to run is now called Execute now on Bulk ShareReplicator
new: Share child class only for Bulk ShareReplicator
Mar 6th 2015 3.1.9 fixed: attachments are not dynamically sharedReplicator
fixed: event subscriptions not functioning or sending, requires Stop All Jobs and Start All Jobs after updatingObserver
fixed: output XML not encoded causing parsing errors at agentsReplicator
fixed: when dynamic sharing with Update or Insert option selected, deletes were not sentReplicator
Mar 1st 2015 3.1.8 new feature: Before Share ScriptReplicator
new feature: Update or Insert for Dynamic ShareReplicator
new feature: Sharing Display Values for Reference FieldsReplicator
Feb 10th 2015 3.1.7 new feature: Scheduled Bulk ShareReplicator
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