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Windows Agent Startup

Now let's start the agent. From the bin directory double click on the file Agent.bat:

You should see several start up messages and in fact you'll be seeing everything that is being written to the log file. Issue a control-c <hold down the control key and hit the c key at the same time> to terminate the agent.

If you see streaming log contents then the agent is likely running. Hold on a second, just because it's running does not necessarily mean it's working properly. The default replicator agent configuration file is called agent.xml and it's within the conf directory. By default, a message sharer has been configured to share the following message:

'This is a simple message that is being echoed.'

Furthermore a subscriber has been configured to consume and log the message to the log. You should be able to find a log entry similar to the following in the log:

2014-09-08 10:37:21.265 example.echo - Received echoed message: This is a simple message that is being echoed.

One way to determine if this message exchange has been successful is to open the log file using either notepad or wordpad and doing a find or search on the string “Received”. If the message is found then the agent is functioning as expected. Assuming that's the case we can now proceed with establishing the agent as a service to be started upon system start up.

Configure Restart

First, let's stop the agent by issuing the double clicking on StopAgent.bat. You should see a message stating that the agent is being and finally stopped.

Stopping Perspectium Replicator Agent...
Stopped Perspectium Replicator Agent.

Double click on the file InstallAgent.bat to install the agent as a service.

That's it! Please refer to the Replication Agent configuration documentation to further leverage the Perspectium Replicator Agent.

Checking Agent Version

To check what version of the Agent you are running you can use the following command in the command window from the agent directory.


You could also double-click the version.bat file in the Agent's bin directory.

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