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Connections Overview


This section provides an overview of the general structure of the configuration directives used to provide access to the outside world. For example, connections are typically used to connect to the Perspectium Message Bus, the Perspectium Management and Reporting infrastructure etc..

All connections will route through the <message_connection> tag.

The structure of the connection directive is:

<message_connection attributes...>scheme:host:port</message_connection>

Each connection should have at minimum the following attributes:

Connection Attributes

Additional attributes may be supported by the implementation of the connection directive, please see the documentation associated with the configuration directive.

Setting Up the Basic Connection

Let's take a closer look at an example of the <message_connection> directive.

<message_connection password="pwd" user="admin">amqp://</message_connection>

In this example the directive contains the attributes user and password. These attributes are used to connect to the Perspectium Message Bus. In our example we provide the user name and the user's password which are used to 'login' to the Message Bus.

Within the value field of the <message_connection> element is the URI. In our example it's: This URI consists of the scheme, which in our case is amqp, followed by the literal ':' and then the host, which is

Different Connection Schemes

We're using the ampq scheme but Perspectium also supports specifying the amqps, http or https schemes. Using the amqps scheme is similar to using https instead of http. The amqps scheme will provide data communication over a secure channel. The later two schemes, http and https are useful when you have constraints that prevent you from connecting to entities on the internet using protocols other than these typical standards.

Supported Schemes Default Port Example
amqp 5672 <message_connection attributes>amqp://</message_connection>
amqps 5671 <message_connection attributes>amqps://</message_connection>
http 80 <message_connection attributes></message_connection>
https 443 <management_connection attributes></management_connection>

The following attributes are optional but also available using the standard connection directives.

Optional Connection Attributes Use
proxy used when the scheme is http or https and the communication is via a proxy
proxy_user coupled with the proxy attribute, used to specify the user to authenticate to the proxy
proxy_password coupled with the proxy attribute, used to specify the user password for proxy authentication
disable_validation coupled with the proxy attribute when the scheme is https, this attribute disables validation of the proxies X509 Certificate
validate_certificate coupled with https, this attribute with a value of false will disable the default behavior of validating the certificate.
queue used to specify a queue to Subscribe for this Replicator Agent. By default it will Subscribe to a queue based off the agent's name
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