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Cryptography Configuration

The Perspectium Replication technology typically leverages symmetric or pre-shared key cryptography for encrypting and decryption of messages which represent replicated data. The configured key must be a multiple of 8 bytes. For example, a key which consists of 24 characters would be valid since it can be evenly divided by 8.

The following tables reflect required cryptography configuration directives by task type:

A task that subscribes to published data must be configured with the decryption key in order to enable visibility of the replicated data.

Subscribe Directive Example Use Default
decryption_key <decryption_key>shared secret key</decryption_key> Secret key shared with the data encrypter Required

A task that publishes or shares data to various subscribers will encrypt the data using the secret key so that only subscribers which posses the key will be able to perform decryption on the data.

Share Directive Example Use Default
encryption_key <encryption_key>shared secret key</encryption_key> Secret key shared with the data decrypter Required

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