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Replicator Agent Configuration


This section details the Perspectium Replicator agent configuration. For any questions, please contact support. If you have Replicator Agent V3.12.0 or greater you can also use our tool to validate your configuration here.

The Perspectium Replicator Agent provides a framework that supports the subscription to, sharing of, and replicating of data.

Individual components are created that either share or subscribe to information that are then “plugged” into the framework. You can then add additional plugins or configurations as seen below to access or modify your data as it passes through the message bus.

The work to be performed can be scheduled to your liking. It can range from a polling interval, an ad-hoc date/time (cron) scheduling, or more sophisticated methods.

The Perspectium Replicator Agent currently uses an XML based format for defining its configuration. Several configuration files are leveraged and are outlined in the table below.

Configuration File Name Purpose
Agent Configuration (agent.xml) This configuration defines the various sharers and subscribers that will be scheduled to run and perform the various replication tasks.
Database Information/Configuration (databases.xml) This configuration defines how to communicate with the currently supported relational databases such as MySQL.
Heartbeat Configuration (heartbeat.xml) This configuration defines the Perspectium Observer. This agent will inform Observer of its availability via a regularly provided heartbeat.
Core Configuration (config.xml Deprecated after 3.4) This configuration defines the default configuration directory and provides information related to the Perspectium message bus that will be used during start up (only for version 3.4 or earlier).
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