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 +======Configuring Timeout Values for Replicator Agent======
 +It may be necessary to adjust the timeout values that the Replicator Agent is using. You can adjust this by the attributes of the <​message_connection>​ with:
 +  - connection_request_timeout
 +  - connection_timeout
 +For example, you can adjust these values to "​120000"​ for 120 seconds. You would place it within your agent.xml like so:
 +<code xml>
 +<?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​ISO-8859-1"​ standalone="​no"?>​
 +    <​agent>​
 +        <​subscribe>​
 +            <​task>​
 +                <​task_name>​timeout_example</​task_name>​
 +                <​message_connection user="​XXXX"​ password="​XXX"​ connection_timeout="​120000"​ connection_request_timeout="​120000">​https://​</​message_connection>​
 +                .
 +                .
 +                .
 +            <​task>​
 +        <​subscribe>​
 +    </​agent>​
 +You would only use this when using https for the Agent. ​
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